Career Exploration Tools

How to access premium career exploration and interviewing tools (subscriptions paid on your behalf)
  • Login into Handshake at
  • Select “Career Center” from the top menu bar
  • Select “Resources” from the drop-down menu
  • Choose among the following:


Learn about the variety of career paths that typically follow graduation with a degree in your discipline.  This resource is helpful in expanding your job title repertoire as you set goals and conduct searches.  Be sure to notice the links at the bottom of each page which connect you with professional associations and job search sites within the field.   



Gain access to country-specific career and employment resources for more than 80 locations.  Great for doing your homework prior to studying abroad or applying for international positions.  Search for internships and jobs by country in the global posting database.  The site also contains a database of US employers who have sponsored for the H1B employment visa.   



Learn details about industries and professions.  Research top ranked companies and graduate programs. Download Vault industry guides (which typically cost $20+ to download) for FREE.  The internship search feature is also a great tool for those looking for opportunities with top ranked firms.   



Browse brief video clips of professionals from a wide variety of industries talk about their work.  Search by industry, job title, major, or company.  Hear their story, the loves and challenges of the job, as well as advice for how to prepare.   



Get better access to the contacts within a company by using this dynamic job and employer search software.  Utilizing your account on CareerShift allows you to organize and target your search in more strategic and effective ways.   



Practice your interviewing skills by responding to proctored questions online.  The software records your responses so you can playback the video clips and gain insight to your performance.  Great for working out the inevitable jitters and picking up on your nonverbal cues.   You can share the practice session with others to get feedback, if you so desire. 


Career Exploration Activities: 
Gathering and researching the details about various occupations takes organization and time management, as well as the willingness to talk to professionals in your fields of interests.  These tools can help.