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HON 399 is an Honors College Service-Based Learning class taken during the Fall (2c) and/or Spring (1cr), designed to supplement and support the Honors College Ambassador Team (HCAT) internship experience. Students will be enrolled in this course in order to gain internship credit within the Lewis Honors College while performing service to the College in the form of recruitment-based activities. As part of this course, students will actively reflect on the recruitment process and objectives, build their leadership competencies, enhance interpersonal communication skills, and increase their level of professionalism. The course is also designed to provide web-based discussion that provides an opportunity for students to process their HON 399 internship experience and how it relates to their career goals.  As such, seminar content will also focus on professional and career development topics and include academic and major discipline-specific material and applications.  By completing this course, students will benefit from a well-rounded internship experience that is supported by academic, personal, and career development resources. 

This course is taken for a letter grade. Students are granted two credits in the Fall, and one credit in the Spring. One credit hour is equivalent to 48 hours of work for the internship site. 

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