New Year, New Perspective

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 4:00pm

3 Session Series on Zoom January 6, 13, & 20 at 4PM

Contemplative & Narrative Life Design Inventories | Reflections | Discussions Start the new year by investing in YOU!

This unique series is like nothing currently offered at the Lewis Honors College. Participants will have the opportunity to examine their values, behaviors, and life themes with a goal to provide clarity on what motivates them and provides a sense of purpose. Before each session, participants will complete a self-assessment exercise. The three Zoom meetings will provide opportunities for discussion about the results and how to apply them to life design principles. Assessment tools include: Knowdell Values Card Sort, Expanded Values Audit, INDIGO (including DISC), and My Career Story: An Autobiographical Workbook for Life-Career Success. Each week, participants will receive an email with additional odds and ends for optional engagement, each section titled: listen, watch, write, draw as a compendium of materials to take them beyond the initial series. These emails will build upon group conversations and assessment tools and allow students to continue to approach their process of self-discovery in a multimodal, curious way. Students will be encouraged to share additional resources with each other, and to remain in dialogue beyond the winter intersession. The outcomes of this series include developing increased self-awareness and self-confidence while clarifying career and life directions. Maximize the new year and flexible time frame to reflect on and contemplate your life's purpose.

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