Patrick Walker

About Me

Patrick D. Walker is the inaugural Ruth Jones Lewis Faculty Scholar in Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, an endowed position in the Lewis Honors College of the University of Kentucky. In this capacity, he uses classrooms, court systems, and corporate boardrooms to work with diverse individuals and groups that include entrepreneurs, small business owners, farmers, charitable and religious nonprofit organizations, formerly incarcerated individuals, and large corporations committed to building equity through community economic development. Skilled in business law, management, and social enterprise development, Patrick is a first-generation college graduate raised by his grandparents with over 20 years of combined expertise from federal research laboratories, higher education, and private corporations. For over 14 years, he has served as an award-winning Professor of Business Law and Management at universities within St. Louis, Missouri and Hampton Roads, Virginia. As Co-Founder and CEO of a thriving business consulting firm, Patrick has conducted training and evaluations for local and national nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies as they navigate through critical management and legal decision-making processes. He has also facilitated diversity and inclusion training sessions for and through The Boeing Company, Diversity Awareness Partnership, Edward Jones Investment Company, and Walmart. A prolific fundraiser for multiple philanthropic causes, Patrick serves on several regional and national boards of directors. He frequently lectures on a variety of topics, including business law, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, networking, and race. Patrick received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Master of Business Administration from Hampton University, and his Juris Doctor degree from Regent University.

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First generation college student challenges, mentoring, HBCU’s and experiential service learning.

The intersectionality of entrepreneurship, jurisprudence, and social enterprise development.

Charitable, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations.

The DC/Marvel Universe.

Whitney Houston!


My research agenda explores jurisprudence and the intersectionality of legal, ethical, and managerial decision-making in entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and social enterprise development as practitioners use frameworks to manage people, processes, profits, and philanthropy.  Using an interdisciplinary approach to examine the legal and ethical environment of business, I critically assess how corporations seek to become “better citizens” as they raise capital without compromising a social mission for increased profit and navigate rules which vary state-to-state.  This area of research is meaningful because it focuses on legal precedents established in corporate governance and business law while integrating an empirical analysis of gaps and opportunities for existing research.  This area of research is also practical by providing data and frameworks for entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofit organization directors, and large corporate executives who work together to create economic, environmental and social impact opportunities for communities.  Currently, I am designing a rubric based on an evaluation of literature and data that compares legal incorporation structures state-to-state in areas that include the following factors: 

          -management size and structure.

          -legal, financial, and tax constraints.

          -entrepreneurial risk.

          -social and philanthropic impact.


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