Rising Leaders

Leadership Development Program for Second-Year Students 


Four consecutive semesters of signature programs including: 

  • Off-campus retreats 
  • Leadership Assessments 
  • Personalized goal setting 
  • Dinners with special guests 
  • Experiential and service activities 


The Rising Leaders Program is designed to engage Honors students from all academic majors in an experiential leadership development program. Second-year students are eligible to apply during the Spring 2023 semester. If selected, students will begin the program officially during the Fall 2023 semester, with the expectation that they will remain engaged for the duration of the program. 

Selected students will participate in four consecutive semesters of programs and activities that are planned around themes of leadership. These themes may include: Defining Leadership & Understanding Self, Understanding Others, Planning for the Future, Effective Communication, and Failure & Resilience. Each semester we will have a book and/or supplemental texts to discuss. Time commitments each semester will include a monthly gathering of the cohort, a meeting with a Center for Personal Development Counselor, and a selection of workshops/events. With workshop and event offerings, for example, there may be five options listed and students are expected to attend two of the five during the course of the semester. Specifications for which events are required or optional will be shared with students prior to the beginning of each semester and full engagement with the program is expected. 

The first semester of programs typically includes the following:

- Program Kick-Off Dinner 

- Signature Event: Etiquette Dinner 

- Book Club Coffee

- Signature Event: Self-Awareness Retreat

To Apply: 

The application deadline is March 24, 2023. No additional letters or transcripts are required. Students are simply responsible for the application materials as listed on the Qualtrics form. This cohort will begin the program in Fall of 2023. Stay tuned for more details. 

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Questions? Contact Dr. Laura Bryan, T.G. Lewis Faculty Scholar in Organizational Behavior