Senior Capstone Collection

The Senior Capstone Collection is a digital collection of senior capstone projects completed by Honors students and hosted by the University of Kentucky Library’s UKnowledge digital collection. As part of the Honors curriculum, Honors students complete either a research-based independent project or a senior capstone project. Once completed students have the option of making their project available for worldwide access through UKnowledge.

UKnowledge is a digital collection of unique scholarship created by University of Kentucky faculty, staff, students, departments, research centers, and administration. Created and managed by UK Libraries, UKnowledge supports multidisciplinary collaboration and captures, stores, organizes, preserves and provides worldwide access to UK’s intellectual capital. Members of UK’s academic community are encouraged to contribute their scholarship to UKnowledge.

To upload your senior capstone or independent project students must first fill out the Student Approval Form. Once submitted the Honors college will contact your faculty advisor and ask them for approval to upload your project to UKnowledge. Once both approvals are in place the project will be uploaded to UKnowledge. Students that upload their projects to UKnowledge can also provide their project to other publications if they choose.

The Student Approval Form is available for your review as well as information about Copyright, Fair Use, and Permissions as they pertain to this process. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Honors advisor for assistance.


Capstone Publication - Student Approval Form

Copyright, Fair Use, & Permissions