Senior Honors Capstone

A capstone is a formal thesis or creative project of the student’s choosing, to be directed by a professor in the student’s major department or in a relevant discipline.  The Honors Capstone is designed to round out a student’s educational experience in the Honors Program, and is typically focused on the student’s major course of study.  The Honors Capstone requires completion of a substantial research paper, a unique creative project, or an artistic performance.

Students can fulfill the capstone requirement in one of two ways:

1.  Complete HON 398, or other discipline appropriate course (Capstone proposal required)
2.  A course that has been pre-approved (proposal not required)

For students completing their capstone in Spring 2021, Capstone Proposals must be submitted to your academic advisor by the beginning of the semester. Students should work with their advisor to ensure that the document submitted is ready for approval by faculty and the Director of Academic Affairs. Submitting the Capstone Proposal Form by the appropriate deadline is not a guarantee of approval.
Capstone Learning Outcomes: 

1.  Student is able to plan a research, design, or artistry project of significance.  This capacity includes, for example, posing appropriate research questions/hypotheses, formulating a plan to archive the goal(s), estimating effort and resources required, and conducting appropriate background work before starting the project.
2.  Student is able to engage in an independent research, design, or artistry project of significance under the direction of a professor who serves as the Honors Capstone advisor.  Student shows a degree of self-directedness, inventiveness, and professionalism appropriate for an advanced undergraduate.
3.  Student is able to create a final research, design, or artistry product that documents the result of the Honors Capstone experience.  The product conveys a thoughtful and enriching independent study experience.
4.  Completion of this project will entail, at a minimum, the following:
   a. one or more written assignments that total at least 4,500 words (the equivalent of 15 pages of double-spaced, typewritten text);
   b. either an oral assignment, in which students must give a formal presentation at least 10 minutes long, or a visual assignment, in which students create at least one significant visual/electronic artifact (e.g., a web site or video presentation);
   c. an assignment that requires the student to demonstrate information literacy in the discipline.

Digital Publication (optional)

We recommend that an Honors Capstone be included in the Honors Senior Capstone Collection in the UKnowledge digital collection archive. The benefits of including your paper in the UKnowledge Digital Archive system include:

  • official recognition by the University of the student’s knowledge and capability to conduct research and is reflective of quality education at the University of Kentucky
  • students can include this information on their resume or curriculum vitae which can help with obtaining future jobs or entrance to graduate school
  • increased notoriety for the student and faculty mentor.


Capstone Proposal Form

Pre-Approved Capstone Courses by Major

Example Proposal Elements