Least skipper

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Least skipper 
Ancyloxypha numitor

Wing span: 
1 3/4 to 2 1/2  inches 

Caterpillar hosts plants: 
leaves of various grasses including giant cut grass, Zizaniopsis; rice cutgrass, Leersia

Adult food:  
flower nectar of low-growing plants including chicory, Cichorium; milkweed, Asclepias; pickerelweed, Pontederia; swamp verbena, Verbena; thistle, Cirsium; white clover, Trifolium; wood sorrel, Oxalis

moist or wet open places with tall grasses such as ditches, marshes, slow streams, also hillsides or old fields with tall grasses 

males patrol for females in grassy areas, females lay eggs singly on grass blades, hibernates as third- and fourth-stage caterpillars. 

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