Orange Sulphur

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Orange Sulphur 
Colias eurytheme

Wing span: 
1 3/8 to 2 3/4 inches 

Caterpillar hosts plants: 
leaves of plants in the Leguminosae family including: alfalfa, Medicago; indigo, Baptisia; pea,  Pisum; vetch, Vicia; white clover, Trifolium; white sweet clover, Melilotus

Adult food:  
nectar of: aster, Aster; clover, Trifolium; dandelion, Taraxacum; dogwood, Cornus; goldenrod, Solidago; milkweed, Asclepias; thistle, Cirsium

open areas, especially clover and alfalfa fields, meadows, mowed fields, road edges, vacant lots 

females lay eggs singly on top of leaves, males patrol for females, hibernates as chrysalis, one of the most widespread and common butterflies in North America. 

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