Fruit Facts, 1998-02, February


February 1998 (2-98)
Prepared by John Strang and Jerry Brown, Extension Horticulturists; Dana Hadad; Dwight Wolfe, Horticulture Research Specialist; John Hartman, Extension Plant Pathologist; Tim Woods, Extension Agricultural Economists; John Strang, Editor, Marilyn Hooks and Elizabeth Griffin, Secretaries
Feb. 17 - Botanical Herbs & Specialty Vegetables, Day tour of local horticultural businesses, Louisville, KY, 10:00-4:00p.m. and The Future of Growing Botanicals for the Medicinal Plant Industry 6:30-9:30p.m. Registration $5.00. Contact Roy Ballard 812/948-5470.
Feb. 19 - Ohio Berry Summit, Bloomfield Auditorium Ohio Department of Agriculture Building, Reynoldsburg, OH. Registration $10.00 which includes lunch and handouts. Contact Mike Pullins 614/249-2424 or Tom Wall 800/297-2072.
Feb. 26-28 - North American Farmer's Direct Marketing Conference and North American Strawberry Growers Annual Meeting, Victoria Conference Centre Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Contact 250/656-0941.
Feb. 27 - Northern Piedmont N.C. Specialty Crops School. Ramada Inn, Exit #204 off of I-85, Oxford, NC, approximately 30 miles north of Durham. Registration $25.00. Contact Granville County Center 919/603-1350.
Mar. 9-10 - Management First for Apple IPM. Rough River Dam State Resort Park. See article and registration form in the January Fruit Facts. Contact Jerry Brown 502/365-7541 Ext. 204 or John Strang 606 257-5685.
Mar. 9 - Opportunities in Mushroom Production, New Albany, IN. Registration $5.00. Contact Roy Ballard 812/948-5470.
Jun. 14 - Kentucky Herb Festival, Lakeview Park, Frankfort, KY. Contact Sue Clifford 606/234-1452.
July 16-19 - International Herb Association Annual Conference, "Herb Smart Day" open to the public, July 19. Contact International Herb Association 847/949-4372,
Abound - A New Fungicide for Grapes
Derived from a new class of chemical compounds extracted from the wood decaying toadstool Strobilurus tenacellus, Abound fungicide, manufactured by Zeneca Ag Products is listed in our grape spray guide for 1998. The fungicide is formulated as a flowable fungicide containing 22.9% of the active ingredient azoxystrobin. Abound is a broad spectrum, preventive fungicide with systemic and curative properties. It can be alternated or tank mixed with other registered fungicides and should be used in a way that minimizes development of fungicide resistance to the chemical.
An integrated pest management (IPM) program for grapes is essential for success with this or any grape fungicide. The IPM program should include practices known to reduce disease development such as a) selection of varieties with disease tolerance or resistance, b) canopy management through pruning and thinning, c) proper timing and placement of irrigation, d) removal of plant debris where inoculum overwinters, and e) use of fungicides only when required.
Abound is useful for management of four different fungal pathogens of grape causing the following diseases: black rot (Guignardia bidwellii), downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola), Phomopsis cane and leaf spot (Phomopsis viticola), and powdery mildew (Uncinula necator). Abound has been tested experimentally in Tennessee and shown to provide downy mildew control equal to that of captan.
The first application of Abound can be made at bud break, and the last one 14 days prior to harvest, but during the season, no more than two sequential applications of the fungicide should be made and no more than six total applications can be made per season. For more details on timing and use of grape fungicides, consult the "Kentucky Commercial Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide" (ID-94), available at your County Extension Office.
A note of caution: Abound fungicide is very phytotoxic to certain varieties of apples. Do not use the same spray equipment for grapes and apples if Abound is used on grapes. Although the Abound label lists peaches as a legal site for application, we have chosen to omit Abound from our tree fruit spray guides because in Kentucky, it is likely that the same spray equipment would be used for both apples and peaches. (Hartman)
Apple Scab Resistant Cultivars - Susceptibility to Other Diseases
Disease ratings of apple scab resistant cultivars that can be grown in Kentucky are found in the following table:
 Cedar      Cedar        Fire       Powdery 
Apple scab    apple rust quince rust  blight     mildew
Apple             suscept.      suscept.   suscept.     suscept.   suscept.
Cultivars         ratings       ratings    ratings      ratings    ratings
-----------    ---------    --------- ---------  ---------  ---------
Britegold         VR           HS        HS         MR         R
Dayton            VR            R        ?          ?          R
Enterprise        VR           VR        ?          ?          R
Freedom           VR            S        ?          MR         R
Gold Rush         VR           HS        ?          ?          S
Jonafree          VR           HS        S          S          R
Liberty           VR           VR        S          MR         S
Macfree           VR           VR       HS          MR         S
Moira             VR            R       HS          S          S
Murray            VR            R       HS          MR         ?
Nova Easygro      VR           VR        ?          MR         S
Novamac           VR           VR       HS          ?          ?
Prima             VR           HS       HS          MR         R
Priscilla         VR           VR       HS          MR         R
Pristine          VR            S        ?          ?          S
Redfree           VR           VR        R          S          S
Richilieu         VR           HS        S          ?          ?
Sir Prize         VR           HS       HS         MR          R
Trent             VR            R       HS         MR          R
Williams Pride    VR            S        ?          ?          R
VR = very resistant. No control needed.
MR = moderately resistant. Control only needed with fire blight susceptible rootstocks or under high disease pressure
R = resistant. Control only needed under high disease pressure.
S = susceptible. Control usually needed where disease is prevalent.
HS = highly susceptible. Control always needed where disease is prevalent. These cultivars should receive first priority when control is called for.
This information, adapted for "Fruit Facts," was obtained from the internet site maintained by the Kearneysville Tree Fruit Research and Education Center of West Virginia University ( (Hartman)
Orchard Chemical Suppliers
The following list has been compiled in response to Kentucky grower and County Agricultural Extension Agent requests for outlets from which to purchase many of the pesticides listed in fruit extension publications. In some areas of the state it is very difficult to find pesticides recommended for fruit crops. No supplier endorsement is implied here and a concerted effort was made to locate all of the major fruit chemical suppliers in the state. In addition several suppliers in surrounding states are also listed.
One grower concern was, would the supplier sell and deliver less than case quantities? This is noted in the table. Another question suppliers were asked was who they would sell to.
Full Service -
deliver less than
Orchard chemical suppliers case quantities Sales made to:
Agri-Chem, Inc. No growers
1301 US Hwy. 62 West
Princeton, KY 42445
Akridge Farm Supply Subject to retail outlets
724 Fairview Ave. Availability growers
Eddyville KY
Akridge Farm Supply
P.O. Box 175
Fredonia, KY. 42411
Bluegrass Feed Can not ship retail,
P.O. Box 1095 wholesale possible
Louisa, KY 41230 (Call first)
Cayce Lime & Fertilizer In local growers
179 Simpson Street area
Fulton, KY 42041
(fruit chemicals not stocked/will
order in)
CORY/TERRA Yes wholesale
13000 Middletown Industrial Blvd. retail outlets
Suite K growers
Louisville, KY 40223
502/245-5934 800/424-2679
CORY TERRA Yes wholesale
6739 Guion Rd. retail outlets
Indianapolis, IN 46268 growers
Grower Service Corporation Not normally wholesale
574 Horton Court To grower only
Lexington, KY. 40511 if a retail outlet
606/254-3811 is not in area
Helena Yes wholesale
P.O. Box 366 retail outlets
Springfield, KY growers
606/336-3947 800/633-1881
Miles Farm Supply No growers
2760 Keller Rd.
Owensboro, KY 42301
UAP-Richter/ John Phillips Will deliver growers 1061 Henderson - Ford if possible, retail, Mooresville, Indiana, 46158 (ship UPS) wholesale phone and fax 317/831-2559
voice pager 888/474-6470 toll free
Ryan's Agri & Pest Supplies Yes wholesale
1130 West High Street retail outlets
Lexington, KY 40508 producer
Robinson Milling Co. Possibly retail
P.O. Box 357
Somerset, KY 42502
606/678-4106, or 4107
Salem Fruit Growers Coop. Assoc. Will ship growers
12093 Lisbon Rd. retail
P.O. Box 3
Greenford, OH 44422
Security Seed & Chemical Co., Inc. No wholesale
1095 Majaun Road retail outlets
Lexington, Ky producer
Security Seed & Chemical Co., Inc. In local wholesale
1916 Dawson Springs Road area retail outlets
Hopkinsville, KY 42240 growers
Security Seed & Chemical Co., Inc. No wholesale
1920 Dawson Road retail outlets
Russellville, KY 42276 producers
(fruit chemicals not stocked/will
order in)
Security Seed & Chemical Co., Inc. In local retail outlets
1902 Guthrie Avenue area farmers
St. Bethlehem
Clarksville, TN 37177
Southern States Cooperatives growers
A considerable number of these
are spread across the state and
are the source of some pesticides
for fruit crops.
TERRA Yes wholesale
200 Jamestown Rd retail outlets
Cobden, IL 62920 growers
Tri State Delta Chemical Will ship wholesale to
United Horticultural Supply UPS grower only,
574 Horton Court if a retail
Lexington, KY 40511 outlet is not
606/254-3811 in area
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
Box 188 retail sales
East Bernstadt, KY 40729
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 796 retail sales
Somerset, KY 42502
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
Rte 5, P.O. Box 5074 retail sales
Albany, KY 42602
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 30 retail sales
Russell Springs, KY 42642
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 274 retail sales
Columbia, KY 42728
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 108 retail sales
Nancy, KY 42544
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 1100 retail sales
Liberty, KY 42539
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 39 retail sales
Smith Groves, KY 42171
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 215 retail sales
Thomkinsville, KY 42167
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 87 retail sales
Campbellsville, KY 42718
Warner Fertilizer and Chemical Yes growers
P.O. Box 117 retail sales
Monticello, KY 42633
Valley Fertilizer Yes growers
P.O. Box 180 retail sales
Edmonton, KY 42129
Waterfield Agricultural Services In local wholesale
315 West Martin Luther King Drive area retail outlets
Union City, TN 38281 producers
*Many of these chemical suppliers will ship pesticides if they are not restricted use materials. (Hadad and Strang)
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