Corbin Awarded National Funding from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Dr. Kendall Corbin

Scientists from across the globe are working on 30 projects to develop tools and processes to improve plant, crops, and bioproducts, as well as mitigate climate change. Dr. Kendall Corbin, Assistant Professor in the Horticulture Department, is one of the awardees for 2022.

Scientists with Large-Scale Research project funding have up to two years of access to EMSL’s world-class expertise and instrumentation. This international effort to tackle the world’s greatest scientific hurdles is funded through the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL). EMSL is a Department of Energy, Office of Science user facility sponsored by the Biological and Environmental Research (BER)program. 

The awarded projects support research in EMSL’s three science areas—environmental, biological, and computational sciences. Featured among the projects are investigations into global carbon cycling, plastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and aerosols. 

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