Shawn Wright

Horticulture Specialist
(606) 666-2438 Ext. 234
Horticulture Specialist Shawn Wright has responsibilities in the areas of fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs. A major portion of his program involves supplying county Extension agents and growers with current information and recommendations on the latest in fruit and vegetable production. He works closely with the Kentucky Vegetable Growers Association, the Kentucky State Horticultural Society, and the Eastern Kentucky Local Food Collaborative. He makes farm visits, conducts grower meetings, and writes Extension publications. He is primarily responsible for working in eastern Kentucky but assists statewide, particularly with strawberry production and weed management decisions. He oversees the statewide ginseng population survey, which supports the federally-mandated Kentucky Department of Agriculture ginseng program. Recent applied research has focused on new crops opportunities including persimmon, asparagus, rhubarb, annual plasticulture strawberry production and hops as well as traditional crops including heirloom beans, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, and sweet corn.