Academic Initiatives

University of Kentucky’s Department of Student and Academic Life core mission includes creation of residential communities that nurture and support residents' academic success. To us that means much more than providing residents with desks and study lounges. In fact, the Office of Residence Life employs a full-time academic initiatives coordinator whose entire focus is to forge collaborative partnerships across interdepartmental boundaries that maximize the flow of academic resources to our large and diverse resident population.

Office of Residence Life also actively supports the exchange of ideas and perspectives generated when visiting students and scholars from around the country and the world come to stay at University of Kentucky, and when our students travel to other institutions.

Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Residents will engage academic resources (e.g., major exploration, career education, time-management, goal setting, and faculty-interaction). 2. Residents will navigate mature relationships with the campus community (e.g., leadership, networking, conflict management, help-seeking, problem solving).  

Students & Parents

Faculty & Staff

To read up on the successful academic initiative programs managed by Office of Residence Life and the Division of Student Affairs please click on the links above.

Campus Partners:

Dean of Students
Campus Housing
Student Success
Counseling Center
Career Center
Violence Intervention and Prevention Center