EDLife Community

About the EDLife Community

The EDLife Living Learning Community (LLC) will be a dynamic residential experience that will offer specialized programming for Education majors, interactions with College of Education Faculty and Staff, and a supportive community that focuses on student success.  This collaboration between the College of Education and the Office of Residence Life will assist in preparing future professionals for a variety of roles in educational settings and community agencies while providing leadership in the improvement of the education, health, and well-being of citizens in the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.

Student Profile

The EDLife LLC is looking for students who are interested in pursuing a teaching degree, P -12. The community is open to any undergraduate student pursuing an education-related degree as well as anyone that may be pursuing non-education majors in preparation for future professional or graduate work in education.

Connected Courses

Students who participate in the EDLife LLC will be required to enroll in the corresponding section of UK 101: Academic Orientation (one credit, fall semester), which will be taught by an education faculty member. This course is designed to introduce students to the intellectual life at the University of Kentucky. In addition, depending on the major, students will be able to enroll in EDU 300: Specialized Course (three credit, spring semester).


All students who participate in the EDLife LLC will reside in Jewell Hall located in the north campus neighborhood.


Students can expect to participate in perennial events such as UK Fusion, and the College of Education convocation and other activities in K-Week. In keeping with our College of Education objectives of attracting and sustaining a pipeline of highly diverse and qualified pre-service teachers to the field of teaching and guiding their educational progress until graduation and certification, EDLife LLC students will be expected to not only enroll in our connected courses but also participate and engage fully in our programming activities and built-in services. To improve retention and success of students in the EDLife LLC, the following services will be an integral part of the community:

Tutoring/Weekly Sessions:

EDLife LLC will partner with the Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES) and the STUDY to provide one-on-one cost free tutoring and supplemental activities for EDLife LLC students.  EDLife LLC will also recruit returning pre-service teachers to serve as tutors and coordinate a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses.  Those review sessions will be provided to EDLife LLC students who want to improve their understanding of course materials and their grades. Students will gather and compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, better understand course content and learn effective ways to study for big lecture courses.

Academic Consultations:

EDLife LLC will partner with the STUDY to provide individual academic consultations for EDLife LLC students. All EDLife LLC students will be required to participate in two academic consultations (one per semester).  The EDLife LLC will also provide opportunities for students to participate in information sessions and discussion sessions such as overcoming academic difficulties, classroom attendance and performance, study skills and time management strategies, reading and writing skills, note-taking skills, short-term and long-term goals, personal matters, referral information, major and career options, etc. These academic sessions will increase the likelihood of students attaining good academic standing for admission and successful completion of a teacher education program.

Scholarly Checkpoints:

The directors of EDLife LLC will review students’ grades after mid-term each semester.  Students with unsatisfactory grades (D-F) will meet with the EDLife LLC directors to evaluate their progress and establish a plan of action for the remainder of the semester.  At that point, students will also be referred to other campus resources for help.  Academic alert will be used throughout the two semesters to monitor students’ progress, class attendance, personal well-being, academic difficulties, etc.

Extracurricular Involvment:

Students can complement their academic pursuits by developing their communication, enrichment, and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Participants are expected to join, actively participate, and become a leader in a College of Education supported student organization. 

Students will be expected to participate in three of the programs/activities/events. In addition, service opportunities shall be valued and encouraged.