Fall Move-In 2020 Frequently Asked Questions


When may I move-in to my residence hall?  

Move-in at the University of Kentucky is scheduled from Saturday, August 8 through Sunday, August 16.  In the coming days, you will receive an email, sent to your UKY email address, directing you on how to select your move-in date and time. 

Please note:  you will only see dates and times that are available to you based on your residence hall, Living Learning Program and any other pertinent group or organization - if applicable. 

We strongly encourage you to not schedule travel, book a hotel or begin other logistical planning until your individual move-in date/time is confirmed. 

The process we have in place is necessary to appropriately ensure the safety and well-being of everyone during move-in. 

Our goal is to have all first-time, first-year students moved into their respective residence halls before K-Week begins on the evening of Thursday, August 13. 

Can I have visitors once I move in?

The 2020 UK Campus Housing visitation policy will still allow residents to have two guests. However, guests will need to have a valid UK I.D., and non-UK students and minors would not be allowed to visit or stay the night in the residence halls. This visitation policy would apply to all residence halls, including Boyd and University Flats. 

The modified and phased visitation policy will allow residents to adjust to the new UK residential experience.  Students can use this time to facilitate roommate discussions on how to manage cleanliness in their rooms and discuss individual roommate comfortability with guests. Staff will collect information on in hall students wellbeing and whether or not students may have developed COVID-19 symptoms during or prior to the move-in process. This also supports students who may identify as having a low autoimmune deficiency as well as allow for the students to have as close to normal residential experience in a safe and secure environment. 

  • August 8 – September 7 is a transitionary period in which residents may not have visitors and would be required to facilitate and submit a roommate agreement form.  The revised roommate agreement form would address the cleanliness of the room, roommate guest behavior, etc.
    • During this period family members assisting with move-in would be allowed to visit
    • Students will be encouraged to visit other on-campus spaces that would safely promote community building with the appropriate social distance requirements. 
  • September 8 – November 28 non-symptomatic UK students (and BCTC students who reside in UK residential facilities) will be allowed to have two guests. 
    • Approved guests must be UK students or BCTC students who live in one of UK’s residential facilities
    • Guest must be compliant with their wellness checks and demonstrate no signs of COVID-19 related symptoms.
    • Family members will still be allowed to do pick-up/drop-off for their students who live in the residence halls. 
  • Spring semester- should restrictions related to the pandemic ease or turn to normal students would be allowed to two guests per resident
  • The University of Kentucky reserves the right to revise the policy should an outbreak occur.  

What time do family and guests helping students move into the residence hall have to leave the hall?  

Residence Life is flexible on move-in days and don’t have a set a time for being out of the hall as long as they are helping with move-in.

How will move-in appointments work?  

All students MUST select a one-hour move-in appointment.  This does not mean that you will be completely moved into your respective residence hall during that one hour, but rather this is the arrival time you are selecting.

UK will follow all federal and state guidelines for social distancing to promote health and safety. At the same time, we are focused on providing an engaging and welcoming experience for all students.

How many people can I bring with me to move-in?  

We ask that each student bring a maximum of two people to assist with  move-in.  Students will be instructed on where to unload their belongings upon arrival.  One person will remain with your belongings; another person will move the vehicle to the designated parking area while students quickly check-in. Once you have completed check-in, you will return to your belongings and begin moving them to your room.

How long will I have to unload my belongings out of my vehicle before I need to relocate my vehicle?  

Students will have 15 minutes to unload their belongings before the vehicle will need to be moved to a  designated parking lot or parking structure.  One person should remain with your belongings while another moves the vehicle.

How do I get my UK Student ID?  

Students will receive their UK Student ID when they move into the residence hall IF they have pre-paid and their photo has been accepted by the UK Wildcard ID office.  It is imperative that you prepay and submit your photo for approval at least one week prior to your scheduled move-in date.  Your student ID is your “key” to your room. Following all CDC guidelines, you will check in electronically.

Should you have questions about your UK Wildcard, please call or visit the Wildcard ID Office at 859-323-2356. Office hours are 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, Email: IDOffice@uky.edu


How will I get my belongings into the residence hall?  

UK’s move-in process moves efficiently and quickly. We will have carts available for your use at move-in. Sanitizing wipes will be available to clean the carts before and after you use them. If you have your own cart or dolly, please bring it with you.  Also, we encourage you to bring gloves and sanitizing wipes with you to use throughout the day. Masks are required.

Will I be expected to wear a mask at move-in?  

Yes, all students and their family members will be expected to wear masks anytime they are in public spaces on our campus. This provision includes any common areas in our residence halls.

Do I need to bring my own mask?  

Yes. UK will provide you with a wellness kit in your room once you move in, but you and your guests will need to bring masks with you and you will be expected to wear them unless you are alone in a room.

What is a wellness kit?  

The university will provide students with a kit that includes a face mask, hand sanitizer and a thermometer for you to use on a daily basis as part of the daily health screening process being implemented this fall.

Tell me more about the health screening process, please?  

In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, UK students will be asked to do a daily electronic temperature and health check and provide a daily attestation.  For more information, please review our Campus Restart Playbook

Will there be a lot of people at move-in?  How can I maintain social distancing?  

We ask that each student bring a maximum of two people with them to move-in.   We will spread the move-in appointments out between  9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  We have spread move-in appointments out to ensure social distancing.  

What is a hall code card?  

Students must download and print a hall code card that will have the code of their residence hall on the card. Students should print and place this card on their vehicle dash as they approach campus.  This will help the traffic officers know how to que you to your unloading area.  There will also be a place for you to write your cell phone number, your residence hall room number and time you started the move-in process directly on the card. 

Will bottled water be available at move-in?  

No. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that you bring water and snacks with you.

When will UK Dining facilities open?  

Champions Kitchen and The 90 will begin accepting meal swipes on August 8. 

When do classes start?  

Monday, August 17

What do I do if there is severe weather?  

Follow the direction of hall staff along with move-in officials. If you have access to your vehicle, please remain in your vehicle. If your vehicle is not available, please go to your assigned room you are moving into. If there is a tornado warning, please follow the direction of hall staff and proceed to the designated severe weather shelters.