Fall Move-In 2020

Fall Move-In 2020

Saturday, August 8 through Sunday, August 16

Move-In Frequently Asked Questions

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Move-In Appointments

What is a “Move-In Appointment”?

It is a recommended “window” of time for arriving at the unloading area during Fall Move-In.  The purpose is to spread out the arrivals throughout the day and encourage social distancing.

Students have a one-hour Move-In Appointment “window.” Students can begin selecting a move-in appointment on July 8.

How do students select a Move-In Appointment?

1. Login via myUK

2. Go to the housing portal

3. Select My Forms

4. Complete Required forms and select Move-in Appointment

Please note:  you will only see dates and times that are available to you based on your residence hall, Living Learning Program and any other pertinent group or organization - if applicable. 

Hall Code Card

To assist UK Traffic Control Officers who will be directing you to your correct unloading area, please print the hall cord card that corresponds with your residence hall prior to your arrival at Move-In. Place this card on your dashboard as you approach campus. Hold up the card as you approach traffic personnel.


Ball (Formerly Woodland Glen II)












University Flats

Woodland Glen III

Woodland Glen IV

Woodland Glen V

Move-In Maps

Campus Map

Maps by Hall

Move-In Tips

  • Pack in plastic containers

  • Bring a dolly or push-cart (a limited number of carts will be available to check-out)

  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather (rain, hot weather, etc.)

  • Bring TWIN Extra-Long linens for Baldwin, Donovan, Ingels, Johnson, and Smith halls

  • Bring FULL Extra-Long linens for Ball, Blazer, Boyd, Chellgren, Haggin, Holmes, Jewell, Lewis, UFlats, University Inn and Woodland Glen III, IV and V.

  • Be sure to consult the What to Bring and What Not to Bring handout

  • Contact your roommate so you don’t bring duplicate items