First Generation Community

About the 1G LLC

The First Generation Living Learning Community is a residential experience designed to support first generation students and assist them with their transition from high school into college life at UK. Academic success is encouraged through connected courses with their peers, increased faculty and staff interaction, as well as intentional programming efforts.

Student Profile

The First Generation Living Learning Community (1G LLC) is looking for students who are first generation college students (i.e., neither parent has earned a Bachelor's degree). All academic majors and interests are welcomed.

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the 1G LLC, a student will develop the following:

  1. Students in the 1G LLC will identify and utilize campus resources that can aid in their success (SSS, The Study, Chemistry Learning Center, etc.)
  2. Students in the 1G LLC will form a social support network that allows them to form a connection to campus and helps them in coping with stress
  3. Students in the 1G LLC will be retained at UK at a higher rate than their non-LLC affiliated peers.
  4. Students in the 1G LLC will develop a connection with the faculty and other first generation students in their connected courses.


All students who participate in the 1G LLC will reside in Baldwin Hall.

Connected Courses

Students who participate in the 1G LLC are required to enroll in the following courses:

CIS 110 (3): Composition & Communication I (unless student has prior credit)

CIS 111 (3): Composition & Communication II (unless student has prior credit)
CIS 110 and 111 are required for all freshmen (except those with prior credit) and these sections are the same in terms of content as other 'regular' sections, with the only difference being that 1G LLC students will take the course with their peers who are also living in the community.


Students who enroll in the 1G LLC will have the opportunity to participate in programs designed specifically to support first generation student success such as:

  • Organized in-hall study groups for any courses students would like extra help. For instance, in the past tutors have been hired to lead sessions in CHE 105 and MA 113
  • Monthly in-hall workshops and seminars on topics vital to first generation student success with topics including but not limited to: how to get involved in student organizations, eating healthy in college, and how to find housing and/or sign a lease for next year
  • Community service projects (example: Children's Hospital volunteering)
  • Free and significantly reduced cost fields trips (example: Red River Gorge ziplining tour)

Student Testimonials

"Before I came here, I heard I'd be a number at UK. I graduated [from high school] with 60 people. I don't feel like a number at all- the LLC makes it feel smaller. Classes are big but I see people I know around campus all the time and it's not too overwhelming. I have made great friends because of the community."

"[Living in the 1G LLC] makes me feel more comfortable and has helped me make many friends/connections."

"I am close to a lot of people. We share similar experiences and classes, so it makes it easier to talk to people."

"Everyone has expressed an interest about who I am and what I want to do with my life. Never have I felt that I didn't matter in some way, and the 1G LLC has definitely helped with that, I'm really thankful for it."