KHP Wellness Community

Our "New" Merged Community!

Due to the many shared interests between students from both communities, the KHP and Wellness Communities were recently merged as one "new" community, beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year. Programming for the new community is intentionally created to fit students with academic and general interests in the areas of kinesiology, health promotion, physical education, and health and wellbeing. For additional information, please read the information below, or contact the Faculty Director, Dr. Marilyn Campbell (

About the KHP and Wellness Community

The Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) and Wellness Community (KHPW LLC) is a residential experience designed for students who share a common interest in health and wellness, and/or interested in pursing a career in the areas of exercise science, physical education, or health promotion. Students in this community are exposed to social and professional activities allowing for an exploration of the various avenues associated with kinesiology and health promotion. These include interaction with peers and faculty, connected courses, engagement with upper-class peer mentors, and programming dedicated to professional development, networking, and community-building. Participating students are also encouraged to develop and maintain a health lifestyle while leading and education others to do the same. See "Programs" for ways students will be exposed to all facets of exercise, health, and wellness.

Student Profile

The KHPW LLC is looking for first- and second-year students (including transfer students) who are interested in pursuing careers related to exercise science, physical education, or health promotion. Additionally, students from other majors, committed to learning about and living a healthy lifestyle will greatly benefit from membership to the KHPW LLC. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) is home to UK’s fastest growing undergraduate major: Exercise Science. Yet, students who join the KHPW LLC will benefit from being involved in a small community that benefits from a more individualized and cohesive living experience.

Connected Courses

First-year students who participate in the KHPW LLC will be required to enroll in a corresponding section of UK 101: Academic Orientation, in the fall, which will be taught and supervised by KHP faculty members. This course is designed to introduce first-year students to the intellectual life at the University of Kentucky, while also being introduced to the fields of Kinesiology and Health Promotion. In the spring semester students will take a section of KHP 210: An Introduction to Fitness. Students will be guaranteed enrollment in KHP 200 with fellow LLC participants.


All students who participate in the KHPW LLC will reside in Woodland Glen IV, located on south campus and only steps from the Bernard Johnson Student Recreation Center, Seaton Building (home of KHP), and The 90, UK’s brand new dining and learning facility.


Beyond the classroom experience, our intentional programming is designed to benefit students in the following ways:

  • Fostering a sense of community by participating in social activities with fellow LLC students, peer mentors, and faculty.
  • Presentations by professionals in various fields related to KHP (e.g., Physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, PE teachers, community health professionals, sport psychology professionals, health behavior coaches, and many more!).
  • Free specialized group sessions with a UK personal trainer.
  • Visits with a Health Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian.
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations facilitated by UK Dining Services.
  • Additional programs are determined based on student interest and career aspirations.
  • Experience teaching students in other dorms about healthy lifestyles (short workshops on relevant topics such as: eating healthy on a budget, time management, boosting energy levels, starting and maintaining a exercise plan, etc.