Living with Your Roommate

Your enjoyment of residence hall living depends largely on the consideration you and your roommate(s) show each other. If there is one factor that is the most important determinant of roommate success, that factor is communication.

Roommate Agreements

Roommates need to communicate with each other. An ideal opportunity for this communication exists at the beginning of the year, when residence hall staff distributes the Roommate Agreement forms. These agreements initiate discussion of issues that commonly cause conflict between roommates, such as hours for sleep and study, use of the stereo and TV, guests, etc. We highly recommend that you take the time to talk over these issues with your roommate(s) as the year begins in order to avoid future difficulties. Please consult your RA or Resident Director for help with this process. 

Review this document for tips on being a great roomate! 

Room Changes

Students may make a request to change rooms beginning September 7.

If you wish to change rooms or halls, talk to your RA and discuss the various options. After you have discussed this with your RA, contact the Campus Housing office  to let them know their desire to change rooms. 

Campus Housing Office


If the Campus Housing office is able to make the requested change, you must stay in your original room until the room you are moving to has been cleaned following the CDC’s cleaning protocols. The room you vacate will also need to be thoroughly cleaned following the same CDC requirements.

Room Change requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis.