Personal Property Insurance

In terms of students personal property brought to on-campus housing, the University of Kentucky assumes no financial responsibility for damages to, or loss of, personal property of students. University Housing and Risk Management departments at the University of Kentucky collectively recommend that students check their parent's home owner's insurance policy to see if their personal items would be covered in the event of damage while in a residence hall or a Graduate and Family Housing residential unit at the University of Kentucky. Residents of University Flats are required to have liability insurance and show proof of insurance prior to receiving keys.

If a student is not covered by his or her parent's homeowners insurance or if they wish to purchase additional coverage exclusively for their student, he or she may check with any general insurance agency for details of securing such insurance. These companies can be found by checking the yellow pages in your local phone book, or by calling the Better Business Bureau. The University of Kentucky recommends the following company for student personal property insurance:

Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.
231 Salina Meadows Parkway
P.O. Box 4743
Syracuse, NY 13221-4743
1-800-289-1501 (external link)