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$0 co-pays for medical and mental telehealth extended until April 21, 2021

UK-insured employees continue to have options for free, no co-pay telehealth from LiveHealth and UK TeleCare.

New option available to make your benefits payments online

If you are a retiree, COBRA participant or an employee on leave without pay, you can now make payments online for your benefit plans.

Videos now available from annual retirement planning speaker series

At any time, watch the replays of our presentations on finances, well-being and insurance from our 2020 retirement planning speaker series.

Guide to Retirement Planning at UK

While there is no right age to retire, we recommend starting to understand all the factors related to the retirement decision around age 55+. We mailed a print version of this guide to employees age 55 and over this fall.

Dependent care FSA: Start, stop or change contributions due to COVID-19

If your care provider has closed during the COVID-19 response, you can stop or change your current contributions to a dependent care flexible spending account.

COVID-19 response: health insurance during administrative no-pay

Health insurance coverage will continue through the administrative no-pay status.

UK offers same health insurance options, no rise in costs

Open enrollment is the one time a year when all University of Kentucky employees can completely customize their benefits package.

Benefits & well-being booklets

Interested in learning about our insurance plans? Follow the links below for: