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In response to COVID-19, UK-insured employees have access to free, no co-pay telehealth from UK TeleCare and LiveHealth Online.

UK TeleCare

UK HealthCare providers continue offering virtual visits through Zoom.

Urgent TeleCare


LiveHealth Online

Medical and mental health care is available to all UK health insurance members through a telehealth service from Anthem called LiveHealth Online. LiveHealth Online allows you to connect with health professionals online. 

Video medical visits with LiveHealth Online are covered at 100% through UK health insurance, so the cost to you for a medical or mental health visit through LiveHealth Online is $0.

LiveHealth Online provides convenient and easy access for minor primary care medical conditions and mental health counseling at an excellent value. Receive care and prescriptions for common conditions, such as the flu, colds, pink eye and more. 

In March 2020, all UK-insured employees were automatically registered, making it even easier for you to schedule an appointment. Employees received an email from LiveHealth Online asking to create a password and complete the account registration. 

To get care, visit the website or download the app.

LiveHealth Online