Who is eligible to purchase?

  • UK regular* employees with a full-time status of .75 FTE or greater, in addition to WEPP-weekend nurses and Eastern State Hospital and ARMS employees, are eligible for an employee subsidy (free and discounted options).
  • ​UK health plan members including spouses of UK employees, retirees and their spouses, in addition to KCTCS employees and their spouses are eligible for a health plan member subsidy (discounted options).

*STEPS, temporary employees, graduate students/assistants, and research assistants are not eligible.

Who is eligible to participate in challenges?

Any UK employee with a status of .2 or greater full-time equivalency (FTE), whether you're full-time, part-time or STEPS is eligible to participate in challenges using a Fitbit or other compatible fitness tracking device/app. UK health plan members including spouses of UK employees, retirees and their spouses, in addition to employees of KCTCS, Eastern State Hospital, and ARMS--and their spouses--are also eligible. 

Do I receive a discount as a University of Kentucky employee?

Yes, we have a University of Kentucky friends and family discount! ​The discount is available to UK employees and retirees:

Purchase Fitbit devices with reduced pricing of at least 15% off. To shop using this discount, go to our online Fitbit store and enter your University of Kentucky employee ID number (found on your Wildcard ID badge) as your promo code. If you are not a UK employee, please contact 859-257-9355 to receive your promo code.

When will I receive my Fitbit after purchasing it online?

Expect to recieve your device in 3 to 5 days. Orders placed by 8 a.m. EST ship out the same day. Orders ship Monday through Saturday, most within one full day. All orders are only delivered on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

What happens if I lose my device or if it's faulty or breaks?

If you would like to, it's up to you to replace. See above for information on additional discounts. Fitbit devices come with a one-year warranty. See www.fitbit.com for details.

Which smart phones and devices are compatible with Fitbit?

To see a list of compatible smart phone/devices, please visit https://www.fitbit.com/app.

How do I set up Fitbit on my phone or mobile device?

Simply download the Fitbit app. Need help? Watch our support video.

How do I set up Fitbit on my laptop or desktop?

  • Using your home or personal computer? Go to www.fitbit.com/setup and follow the instructions. Questions? Find help from Fitbit here or watch our support video.
  • ​​Using your work computer? It's the same process at www.fitbit.com/setup, but downloading the Fitbit application requires your IT department's administrative credentials for permission. When you reach this step, please call your local desktop support services. They are aware of this initiative and will help you download the Fitbit web app. UK HealthCare IT Support Team: 323-8586. Campus Service Desk: 218-HELP. For step-by-step instructions, watch  our support video.

How do I add additional Fitbits to my existing Fitbit account?

  • Using the Fitbit app on a smartphone or watch? Click on Account > Set up a device. Need help? Watch our support video.
  • ​Using Fitbit software on a desktop or laptop? Click on Gear > Settings > Device > and you'll find options to remove existing device(s) if you'd like and set up a new device. Need help? Watch our support video.

How does Fitbit protect my personal information?

Fitbit provides information regarding security here.

How accurate are the Fitbit devices?

Fitbit provides information regarding tracking accuracy here.

Need More Support?

  • For Fitbit device or app questions, please contact Fitbit:
  • For assistance downloading Fitbit software to your work computer, please contact 859-218-HELP (UK campus) or 859-323-8586 (UK Healthcare)
  • For information about holiday challenge opportunities, including Step Up and Keep It Off, please review frequently asked questions.