Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

How long does a CSA typically last?

Farms typically provide weekly CSA shares, or produce boxes, throughout Kentucky's growing season during spring through fall. The duration, and start and end dates, vary by farm. Generally, about 20-25 weeks, and a May through October timeframe, is common for farms serving the Lexington area—including our 2018 participating farms. When you become a CSA member, your farm may share their specific start and end dates.

What is included in a weekly CSA share?

CSA shares, or produce boxes, vary based on the farm and the time of year. Farms grow different vegetables, and each week different fruits and vegetables are growing into and out of maturity. An example of a share in June could be beets, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, green onions, squash/zucchini and radishes. Many farms show examples of past shares on their websites and social media platforms, but remember that each CSA season is different.

How much food is included in a weekly regular CSA share? A small share?

The quantity of produce in each CSA share varies by farm and by week, depending on how much was able to be harvested. Typically, a regular share is designed to supply two adults, or a small household, with most of their weekly vegetable needs, while a small share is designed to supplement weekly vegetables needs for one to two adults.

How much does a CSA cost?

The cost of a CSA varies by farm and by the size of the share. Typically, without a voucher, the cost of a regular share ranges from about $500 to $700 and a small share ranges from about $200 to $300.

Why become a CSA member?

Whether using a CSA share as a supplement to vegetables from weekly grocery shopping or farmers markets, or as the sole supply, a CSA offers several unique benefits.

  1. It's a commitment to supporting your local food producers and the local economy. Because shares are purchased before the growing season begins, farmers are able to plant more with the support of their CSA members.
  2. Buying directly from the farmer means you're buying the freshest, tastiest food. Produce is grown for flavor, quality and diversity as opposed to shelf life.
  3. It adds an element of surprise to meal-planning, and inspires creativity to keep meals fresh and interesting each week.
  4. It's a fun way to discover new foods and learn about when specific types of vegetables are in-season in central Kentucky.

What happens if there is crop failure or bad weather?

CSA is a mutual commitment between a farm and its supportive members. CSA members share in the rewards of a great season and the risks that come with bad weather and pests. Members must understand the shared risk and that refunds are not given. Participating farmers have been growing food for many seasons, and they typically grow a variety of crops, which decreases the likelihood that all crops will be ruined from a pest or weather problem.

CSA voucher lottery

Who is eligible for a voucher?

Any UK employee on a UK health plan (HMO, RHP, EPO, PPO) is eligible for a voucher. Use your dashboard to sign up.

Why is there a lottery?

There's a limited supply of CSA vouchers and this process gives everyone interested a more fair chance at winning one.

How does the lottery work?

For complete transparency, here's how our lottery system is setup. There are 300 vouchers in total to be used from the participating CSA farm of your choice:

  • 100 vouchers for $200 off a regular share from the participating CSA farm of your choice
  • 200 vouchers for $100 off a small share from the participating CSA farm of your choice

Past CSA voucher participants are given priority status in the lottery:

  • 125 of the 300 vouchers are designated for past CSA voucher participants
  • 175 vouchers go to new participants

Why are there 125 vouchers for past CSA participants? About 50% of CSA participants become a CSA member again the following year, according to national and local data. We know committing to receiving bulk quantities of seasonal, local and organic vegetables often involves significant habit changes that take time to build. For individuals in the middle of making those changes, it's important we continue to support their process. Plus, feedback from participants who return to CSA for another year plays a key role in helping us expand this program.

If I win, how do I use my voucher?

You'll recieve an email with instructions about how to redeem your voucher on Winners notified on February 2 will forfeit their voucher if it's not used by February 7 at 11:59 p.m.

I haven't been notified, but is there still a chance I could win a voucher?

300 winners will be notified on February 2 and given the opportunity to use their voucher by February 7. If vouchers remain available, there's still a chance you could win.