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Health plans

All employees with an assignment of 0.20 FTE or greater can enroll in a health insurance plan — costs are automatically deducted from your paycheck.

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Making changes

Your first 30 days

Welcome to UK! You can sign up for benefits depending on your FTE. Enroll in your benefits quickly in myUK.

Qualifying events

If you experience a major life change outside of open enrollment you can also make changes to your insurance. This is known as a qualifying event. You'll need to fill out and submit a form within 30 days.

Benefits Open Enrollment

Our Benefits Open Enrollment happens every year so that you can make changes. Changes can be made in myUK, or with paper forms.


Please use the Retiree Benefits Enrollment form and return to Scovell Hall.

Employee monthly rates

2021-2022 HMO, PPO, Saver, Indemnity
Coverage level Total monthly cost* UK pays You pay
Employee only $599 $564 $35
Employee + children $899 $752 $147
Employee + spouse $1,199 $927 $272
Employee + family $1,498 $1,098 $400
2021-2022 RHP
Coverage level Total monthly cost* UK pays You pay
Employee only $613 $564 $49
Employee + children $919 $752 $167
Employee + spouse $1,225 $927 $298
Employee + family $1,532 $1,098 $434
2021-2022 EPO
Coverage level Total monthly cost* UK pays You pay
Employee only $812 $564 $248
Employee + children $1,218 $752 $466
Employee + spouse $1,624 $927 $697
Employee + family $2,030 $1,098 $932

* Regular part-time and temporary employees (less than 0.75 FTE or work less than an average of 30 hours per week in a 12 month measurement period), who are not eligible for the UK credit toward the costs of coverage, pay this rate.

Different plan designs for different needs

We offer employees five different plan designs with different options to offer you flexibility in terms of where you live and your provider network.

Retirees, before you turn 65, you have the same health insurance options as employees. Once you enroll in Medicare through the government at age 65, you’re eligible for our UK health insurance which supplements Medicare. It's called Medicare Advantage.


No-deductible health insurance for Central Kentuckians who use UK HealthCare.


Low-deductible health insurance with provider options.


No-deductible health insurance for Kentuckians in 110 outlying counties.


No-deductible health insurance with provider options.


Employees only: High-deductible health insurance with provider options and a health savings account.


Health insurance for people who live more than 120 days in rural areas or abroad where UK health insurance plans have no providers.

Medicare Advantage

Health insurance for retirees 65 and older.

Need help choosing? ALEX is your online benefits advisor.

Compare plans

Monthly costDeductibleCoinsuranceProvider network
Central Kentucky
$$00%UK HealthCare
$Low10-50%UK HealthCare
Outlying counties of Kentucky
$$$00%UK HealthCare
$$$$00%UK HealthCare
$High10-40%UK HealthCare
Abroad or rural areas for more than 120 days
Medicare Advantage
National coverage for retirees 65 and above
$Low4%United HealthCare network

Common costs comparison

All preventative care appointments are $0.

An empty cell means the plan does not offer coverage for that provider network.
UK HealthCarePrimary care co-pay$10$15$10$1510% after deductible
Specialist co-pay$30$40$30$4010% after deductible
Urgent care$25$50$25N/A10% after deductible
AnthemPrimary care co-pay$25$10$2530% after deductible
Specialist co-pay$50$30$5030% after deductible
Urgent care$50$25$5030% after deductible
Out-of-networkPrimary care co-pay50% after deductible40% after deductible
Specialist co-pay50% after deductible40% after deductible
Urgent care50% after deductible40% after deductible
Indemnity is only available if you live more than 120 days abroad or in rural areas in states other than Kentucky.
Any networkPrimary care co-pay20% after deductible
Specialist co-pay20% after deductible
Urgent care20% after deductible
Medicare Advantage is available to retirees age 65 and older.
Medicare Advantage
United HealthcarePrimary care co-pay4% after deductible
Specialist co-pay4% after deductible
Urgent care$65 co-pay