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For people who live more than 120 days in rural areas or abroad

This plan offers coverage for participants traveling out of the country for extended periods and for those who live in rural areas where UK health insurance plans have no providers.

If you will be out of the service areas for our other plans more than 120 consecutive days in the plan year, you must elect the UK Indemnity plan.


April 21 No increase to your monthly health insurance cost

For employees eligible for the UK health credit for the year 2020-21

April 21 Increases to rates for retiree health insurance vary

Depends on your work status, hire date, retirement eligibility and coverage level

Employee monthly rates

2020-2021 HMO, PPO, Saver, Indemnity
Coverage level Total monthly cost* UK pays You pay
Employee only $575 $542 $33
Employee + children $862 $719 $143
Employee + spouse $1,150 $885 $265
Employee + family $1,437 $1,046 $391
Coverage level Total monthly cost UK pays You pay
Employee only $599 $564 $35
Employee + children $899 $752 $147
Employee + spouse $1,199 $927 $272
Employee + family $1,498 $1,098 $400

* Regular part-time and temporary employees (less than 0.75 FTE or work less than an average of 30 hours per week in a 12 month measurement period), who are not eligible for the UK credit toward the costs of coverage, pay this rate.

Coverage highlights

Indemnity health planMaximumsAny network
Lifetime Maximum BenefitUnlimited
Out-of-Pocket AmountAnnual deductible$500/member; $1,000/family
Medical out-of-pocket maximum$3,000/member; $6,000/family
Prescription out-of-pocket maximum$4,900/member; $9,800/family

Costs for common services

See the plan booklet PDF for full details
Indemnity health planServiceAny network
Preventative Care$0
Physician servicesPrimary care visit20% after deductible
Specialty care visit20% after deductible
Lab tests, X-rays, diagnostic tests20% after deductible
High-end diagnostics20% after deductible
Hospital servicesInpatient hospital stay20% after deductible
Outpatient surgery20% after deductible
Emergent/Urgent ServicesUrgent treatment center visit20% after deductible
Emergency room visit20% after $100 co-pay per visit

Making changes

Your first 30 days

Welcome to UK! You can sign up for benefits depending on your FTE. Enroll in your benefits quickly in myUK.

Qualifying events

If you experience a major life change outside of open enrollment you can also make changes to your insurance. This is known as a qualifying event. You'll need to fill out and submit a form within 30 days.

Benefits Open Enrollment

Our Benefits Open Enrollment happens every year so that you can make changes. Changes can be made in myUK, or with paper forms.


Please use the Retiree Benefits Enrollment form and return to Scovell Hall.