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  1. What is the difference in getting a 90-day supply from Express Scripts Home Delivery and one of the UK Retail Pharmacies?
    The coinsurance for 90-day prescriptions are 10% per Tier less than the 30-day supply rate when filled at either a UK Retail Pharmacy (includes Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy, Chandler Retail Pharmacy, and University Health Service Pharmacy) or at Express Scripts Home Delivery Pharmacy.   Due to discount pricing at the UK Retail Pharmacies your coinsurance may be lower at one of the UK Retail Pharmacies than at Express Scripts Home Delivery.   

  2. Are there benefits for me if I get 90-day prescriptions from either UK Retail Pharmacies or Express Scripts Home Delivery?The coinsurances for 90-day prescriptions are 10% per Tier less than the 30-day supply rate. There are minimum and maximum copays in place, so for lower cost medications there may not be a financial benefit to getting a 90-day supply. In these cases, the benefit is the convenience of having free home delivery from Express Scripts as well as having to make fewer trips to the pharmacy . For medications that reach the maximum copay there is a significant financial benefit in getting a 90-day supply.

  3. I am using one of the discount generic programs ($4 generics) that are available at Kroger’s and Wal-Mart. Will Express Scripts or Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy match those prices?
    The $4 and $10 generic programs that are available at major retailers are a great value to both the member and the plan. The UK Retail Pharmacies also offer a $4/$10 generic discount program similar to these major retailers. We strongly encourage you to continue to use these programs for any generic medications that are available through these programs. Your opportunities for savings with Express Scripts may lie primarily with brand name medications and for generic drugs not included in these discount programs.

  4. What do I do if I need to get an antibiotic or a prescription that I need right now?
    The Home Delivery option is only for maintenance medications, those that you take every day for treatment of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes that you would want to fill in 90-day supplies. For medications to treat an acute condition such as an infection or an allergic reaction you will still fill at the local pharmacy of your choice so that you can receive immediate treatment.

  5. Can I get some of my prescriptions at Express Scripts Home Delivery and still get some at my local pharmacy?
    Certainly! You can pick and choose which, if any, medications you want to obtain from Express Scripts Home Delivery and which you want to get filled at your local pharmacy. There may be factors other than cost that may guide your decision. If you are concerned about ready access to a medication and just aren’t comfortable with getting that particular medication through Home Delivery you can still pick and choose on any basis. Again, you have full choice, in if and how you use Express Scripts Home Delivery.

  6. I use Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy and get 90-day supplies on my maintenance medications and already get the discounts available for 90-day supplies. Will my copays at Express Scripts Home Delivery for 90-day supplies be different than my copay for 90-day supplies at Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy?
    Your copays at Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy will be the same price or less as through Express Scripts Home Delivery (mail order).

  7. If I want to participate, how do I sign up?
    If you want to enroll in the Express Scripts Home Delivery program you can call the number on the back of your Express Scripts ID card or enroll online. You may request that the Express Scripts Home Delivery program contact your physician to get 90-day prescription orders on your behalf or you can mail in Rxs to Express Scripts along with the Mail Order enrollment form. View specific instructions for the Home Delivery program on the UK Rx Forms page. The pharmacists in the HR Benefits office can assist you in getting a 90-day prescription from your doctor if you so desire. 



Enroll online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at


Call Express Scripts at 877-242-1864 Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time. UK Pharmacists can be reached at (859) 323-1493.