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Take advantage of our tuition benefits

As a UK employee, you and your family can take advantage of tuition-free classes at the University with our tuition assistance programs:

Employee Education Program (EEP)

UK employees may take advantage of tuition benefits at the University of Kentucky. Enjoy the benefits of the EEP by receiving tuition waiver for UK coursework in order to further your career development, pursue other academic interests or build coursework for the foundation for career change or advancement.

The Employee Education Program (EEP) only applies to UK employees attending UK. Employees must follow admission and registration procedures and deadlines established by the University Senate. Be aware of fee and payment deadlines and fee assessment when courses are changed. An EEP Form (for UK employees) must be turned into the Benefits office, 112 Scovell Hall, 0064, by the deadline established. If you are taking graduate level courses, the Graduate-Level Tax Acknowledgement form must also be completed. Please check online or with the Benefits office for the most current EEP forms available each semester. Only one course may be taken during work hours with approval by your supervisor and department head. You must make up your missed time within the same work week, which may include taking only a half-hour lunch break or changing your starting and/or ending times. Exception for more than 6 hours can be given to UK employees attending UK.

An exception up to eight hours can be given if:

  • You are a UK employee attending UK
  • The eight hours is between two classes (such as taking a five-credit-hour class and a three-credit-hour class)
  • AND the eight hours does not exceed the maximum 18 for the academic year

An exception up to nine hours can be given if:

  • You are a UK employee attending UK
  • You are within a year of graduation
  • AND the nine hours does not exceed the maximum 18 for the academic year

You can submit the exception waiver in addition to EEP form to waive up to nine hours if in your last year of school.
Your adviser will need to sign off on your exception waiver.

Please be aware that the Employee Education Program waives tuition (activity fees only for UK employees attending UK). Any other fees (course and/or program fees), books or expenses related to the class are the employee's responsibility. Graduate-level waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year are subject to tax as mandated by IRS Section 127. View this letter for more information regarding taxable EEP benefits.

A “graduation exemption” can be requested for a one-time exception to exceed 6-8 hours in a given semester in the employee’s final 12 months prior to finishing their degree. The academic adviser must document the employee is in his/her final 12 months of study. With approval, employees may take up to three courses (up to nine credit hours) in one approved semester during this 12-month period, not to exceed 18 credit hours within that academic year.

The UK Women’s Forum Employee Educational Assistance Award is available to UK employees taking UK classes through the Employee Education Program (EEP). This award will complement the existing tuition waiver program for UK employees by providing recipients of the award with a $250 reimbursement to assist them with the cost of books, course materials and any applicable lab fees.

Regular full-time employees (0.75 FTE and greater) who are participating in the EEP program and taking UK classes, excluding independent study program courses, are eligible to apply for the award.The deadline to apply typically falls on the same day as the University deadline to drop classes. Please visit our website (see below) for exact deadline dates.

To apply for the UK Women’s Forum Employee Educational Assistance Award, please submit an online application.

Family Education Program (FEP)

Ease tuition costs by utilizing the tuition and mandatory fee discount now available to eligible family members of regular full-time employees. The discount is applied toward undergraduate coursework and is determined by the employee’s years of service.

In order to be eligible for the tuition and mandatory fee discount the family member must be a spouse/partner (as defined by University Senate Rules and Policy) or dependent child (24 years old or younger) of a regular full-time employee. Documentation is required to establish relationship if not already provided for health, dental or vision plans (Please see below for documentation requirements). He/she must also be in good academic standing and admitted to the University of Kentucky and registered, for credit, as a post-high school graduate in undergraduate-level classes.

Eligible family members must follow admission and registration procedures and deadlines established by the University Senate Rules and must remain in good academic standing. Please be aware of fee and payment deadlines and fee assessment when courses are changed. A Family Education Program enrollment form must be submitted to the Employee Benefits Office, 112 Scovell Hall, 40506-0064 by the deadline established or via fax at 859-323-8494. The form is available both in the benefits office as well as online. Please check online or with Employee Benefits for the most current form available. The Family Education Program form differs from the Employee Education Program form in that the student is required to provide their anticipated enrollment plan for the current academic year. If future course information is not available, the student may indicate the number of hours expected to take during that semester. To ensure that course information is current please submit a new form each semester once registration is complete.
The tuition discount is available only at UK and does not apply to Independent Study, audited or non-credit courses. Both the EEP and FEP cannot be utilized during concurrent semesters.

The maximum benefit available will be equal to a 50 percent discount on undergraduate, full-time course-loads for Fall, Spring, Winter Intersession and Summer terms. If a dependent participates in a Study Abroad program please reference item No. 16 in the FEP FAQ for more information about how the discount will apply.

Based on the in-state tuition rate maximum, the maximum discount per semester will be calculated as follows:

  1. Less than 1 year of service = no discount
  2. At least 1 year, but less than 2 years = 10 percent discount maximum per semester
  3. At least 2 years, but less than 3 years = 20 percent discount maximum per semester
  4. At least 3 years, but less than 4 years = 30 percent discount maximum per semester
  5. At least 4 years, but less than 5 years = 40 percent discount maximum per semester
  6. At least 5 years = 50 percent discount maximum per semester

The year(s) of service must be completed by the last day to add a class for the semester. These dates follow the Academic Calendar as posted by the University Registrar's office. If there are other tuition-eligible awards credited for the student, then the FEP discount will apply and the remaining awards will be adjusted (reduced). For this purpose it must be included in the student’s financial aid package and may result in adjustments of other student financial aid. FEP discounts can only be applied for, even if submitting late, the term for which the discount is requested.

Dependent Relationship Documentation Required
Child or guardian Copy of birth certificate or documentation of adoption of guardianship
Sponsored dependent Documentation of at least one year of common residency (Example: copy of driver’s license to show common home address)
Spouse Copy of marriage certificate & front page of most recent tax return (financial information may be blacked out)

Helpful hint! If you have trouble finding appropriate documentation, please contact the Benefits office at 257-8772 for suggestions on obtaining duplicate copies

Dates & Deadlines

The following are Employee Education Program and Family Education Program deadlines for the upcoming academic terms. For class registration and other academic deadlines, please view the UK Registrar’s academic calendar.


* Required to be included when submitting EEP form for graduate-level coursework.

UK Transfer Admissions

The UK Transfer Admissions office is dedicated to your success as a current or prospective transfer student.  If you need answers to general questions or would like to request information, feel free to contact your transfer advisor by emailing or calling 859-257-2000. You can also find information on our website.

If you would like a more in-depth conversation about your specific coursework and can upload an unofficial transcript, we offer online appointments with a transfer advisor to provide you with a digital advising session. You can schedule an appointment here. (Please note that webcam/microphone or Zoom app is required.)

Our transfer advisors also offer in-person advising sessions at the UK main campus. Office appointments can be made by contacting your transfer advisor or scheduling an appointment online. We’re excited to help you transfer to UK!

Dates & Deadlines

December 4, 2020: Deadline for admission to 2020 winter intercession.
December 9, 2020: Last day to submit EEP for FEP forms for students who registered by December 9.
December 9, 2020: First day of class for the 2020 winter intersession.
December 16, 2020: Last day to submit EEP for FEP forms for spring 2021.
January 29, 2021: Last day to add a class for the 2021 spring semester.


  EEP form
  Graduate-level tax acknowledgement *
  Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver
  FEP form
  One-time exception request form

* Required to be included when submitting EEP form for graduate-level coursework.


For additional information regarding the Family Education Program, please call the EEP and FEP plan administrator at 859-257-8772.