UK Retail Pharmacies provide UK employees enrolled in a UK health plan a 50 percent discount (up to $60) on many prescriptions if the prescription is ordered by a UK HealthCare prescriber.

UK Retail Pharmacies include:

  • Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy
  • Chandler Retail Pharmacy
  • Turfland Retail Pharmacy
  • Good Samaritan Retail Pharmacy
  • University Health Pharmacy

When you use your Flexible Spending Account ConnectYourCare (CYC) debit card to pay for the discounted prescription, be sure to keep your receipt to document your FSA claim. UK Retail Pharmacies are not able to auto confirm FSA eligibility (unlike the commercial pharmacies such as RiteAid, Kroger, Walmart, etc.) so you may need to provide documentation any time you use your FSA debit card at these locations. You may wait until CYC requests the receipt, or you may proactively submit your receipt. Submitting your receipt is an easy process:

  • First, take a picture of the receipt on your smart phone, or scan a copy onto your computer. (You may want to do this immediately so you don’t forget!)
  • Next, either log into your account on CYC’s website at or use their mobile app. You may need to register for an account if this is the first time you have accessed your information.
  • Click on “Payment Card Transactions” and click on the claim transaction you are verifying. You may then browse for your scanned document and upload it.

After you do it once, the process is simple!

If you have any questions or need help walking through the process, please call our customer service team at 859-257-9519, and choose option 3.