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Reflecting the continued rise in health care costs nationally, the costs of our health insurance plans will increase in the year ahead.

What increases will you see this year?

For retirees under age 65, the amount of increase in your monthly cost depends on several factors. These include your health insurance plan, if you’re working, your original hire date, when you became eligible to retire, and whether you cover one or multiple people. 

What makes the biggest difference in your monthly cost is your eligiblity to receive a UK health credit.

Here’s a general summary of how much increase each group can expect to see:

  • Working retirees: 
    Receive the full UK health credit so they will see slight increases. 
  • Retirees eligible to retire as of July 1, 2007: 
    Receive the full UK health credit so they will see very slight increases. 
  • Retirees hired before January 1, 2006 who became eligible to retire after July 1, 2007: 
    Receive partial UK health credit based on their retirement age and years of service so they will see small increases. 
  • Retirees hired on or after January 1, 2006: 
    No UK health credit so they will see moderate increases.

See 2020-21 health insurance rates

As a thank you for your contributions to the University, we keep contributing to your health insurance as a retiree. We’re proud to continue offering you benefits into your retirement.

The UK health credit


What is it?

An amount the University pays to cover a portion of the total monthly cost of your health insurance.

Who gets it?

The UK health credit is offered to employees and retirees based on eligibility as defined by national legislation and University policy.

HR Policy #94: Health Care Plan Credit