Cinnamon Donut Holes

These baked donut holes are soft, doughy and creamy in the center from the eggplants with crispy exterior from the sugar and cinnamon coating. They make delicious and healthy dessert or guilt-free snack throughout your day!
This recipe yields: 48

Starting the Conversation: Your Loved One's Finances

This month's blog is written by Todd Macaulay, Financial Well-Being Officer, Employee Benefits. For more information about free financial counseling for UK employees, visit the Financial Well-Being webpage

Certain topics are uncomfortable to discuss. For many people, money is one of these topics. In my family we did not talk about money outside of the family. Now I provide financial counseling for employees, and if everyone took my parents advice I would be out of a job. 

Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially arrived! We feel more energized by the longer days and warmer temperatures, which means this may be a good time to channel that revitalized energy and consider a spring cleaning with your loved one in their home or apartment. Spring cleaning is more than just cleanliness – it may provide valuable insight into how your loved one is managing as they age. It also provides a chance to:

No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring is Sure to Follow

Many of us experience varying degrees of depression during the winter months due to the lack of sunshine, limited activity and a decrease in social connections. Social isolation is a serious problem with physical, mental and emotional consequences. Loneliness can accelerate cognitive decline and lead to depression and deterioration of overall health and well-being.