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Designed for the professional who is occasionally (or frequently!) required to make presentations, this intense, practice-focused workshop extends over two sessions. Participants will be videotaped and required to prepare a presentation for the second session.

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Consider workshop issues of requirement, role, audience, setting, and timing.
  • Plan the presentation.
  • Draft the presentation.
  • Conduct rehearsals of the presentation.
  • Revise presentations after rehearsals.
  • Use feedback from participants to improve presentations.
  • Plan visual aids.
  • Use flip charts effectively.
  • Create effective PowerPoint slides.
  • Manage stage fright.
  • Create powerful introductions.
  • Plan and use effective transitions.
  • Draw inspiring conclusions.
  • Use non-verbal communication techniques to advantage.
  • Use presentation software and projectors.

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