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Advice for Working from Home

Whether remote work is a temporary situation, or it’s more long-term, tips in this session will help you adjust, become more efficient and stay productive.

Masked caregiver with child. COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices

10 min. course | Simple solutions for social distancing, self-care, and workplace cleaning during COVID-19 response.

Effective Business Writing

Using clear, concise, and professional communication is essential to effective business writing.

Creativity Interpersonal skills Productivity Workshop
man working remotely Evaluating Remote Workers' Performance

We share strategies and best practices for coaching employees, providing feedback and evaluating the performance of your remote workers.

Healthy Eating Made Simple

Learn how to cut through the nutritional noise and build a fabulous and fad-free healthful plate.

Physical health Self-care Presentation
Identify and Address Workplace Bullying

Learn about what bullying is, what it is not, and how it is addressed in Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Implementing a Hybrid Work Culture

​Hybrid teams operate between multiple locations – where some employees work remotely, some work onsite, or they may do both.

Leading Virtual Meetings

10 min. course | Learn techniques to help facilitate effective virtual meetings so that your team will stay more engaged, resulting in successful goals and objectives.

Managing a Hybrid Team

​Managing a high-performing team is vital to the success of your department and the university – whether it be a fully onsite, fully remote, or hybrid team.

Managing Performance in a Hybrid Workplace

When leading any team, and particularly a hybrid team, managing performance is critical to the success of your department and the mission of the university.

Managing Remote Workers

Tips on how managers can better support remote employees.

Meeting Focus

Meetings can get a bad reputation when they're not effective – make your meetings enhance productivity.

Microsoft Teams: Chats, Calls and Meetings

Together, we'll explain Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool, explore the layout and learn about general settings.

Striking a Balance to Support All Employees from a Distance

Learn how to support all your employees when working remotely with intentional check-ins, engagement, inclusion and adjustments.

Change Interpersonal skills Supervising Presentation
Woman working in home office. Using Time Wisely

Learn how to be more productive and get the satisfaction of checking off items on your to-do list.

Productivity Presentation