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All vouchers have been claimed for this year. Read more to learn about how CSAs work!

What is community supported agriculture?

CSA farmers offer a limited number of their produce shares for anyone in their local area to purchase in advance. When you purchase a share from a farm, you become a CSA member of that farm. A CSA membership through UK typically includes:

  • A box of local and organic vegetables (and occasionally fruits and other farm products) delivered weekly to a convenient pickup location.
  • Opportunities to get to know your local farmers and learn more about where your food comes from.
  • Tips, recipes and workshops for learning ways to use and store the produce in your weekly shares.


UK HR Health and Wellness offers $100 or $200 vouchers toward the cost of a CSA share. These vouchers are available to employees* on a UK health plan. You cannot use your voucher toward a share that has already been purchased. After you claim your voucher, you will receive a code and a link with instructions on how to activate your voucher with your chosen farm. 

2021 CSA offerings

CSA Farm P  ickup Season Size and cost Typical Regular share Optional share customization Payment options and discounts
Elmwood Stock farm Frankfort, Georgetown, Lexington, Louisville, Midway, Versailles, and Cincinnati Mid-May to October (21 weeks) Mini: $482 ($22.95/wk)

Regular: $682 ($32.48/wk)

Robust: $882 ($42/wk)

carrots, salad mix, green onions, squash, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale See what's planned for your share then swap items online to personalize - plus, skip a share while on vacation and add extras later on. Members have access to a customizable website where you can swap items to only receive what you want. Make full payment at signup if you are able. If you need to pay in installments, secure your registration with $100. Prepare additional checks for the remaining balance dated for deposit on the first of the following months (Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 1, etc.) Send all payments to the farm and they will be held securely until the date on the check before they are deposited. Once you sign up, you’ll be registered for your share, but distribution won’t begin until your share is paid in full.
Lazy Eight Stock Farm Berea, Lexington, Paint Lick, Richmond, and Danville Mid-May to October (21 weeks) Small: $462 ($22/wk)

Regular: $630 ($30/wk)

XL: $882 ($42/wk)

strawberries, lettuce, beets, cherry tomatoes, kale, summer squash, zucchini, green onions You can set your preferences at the beginning of the season and each week a custom share is built based on these preferences and the crops available for harvest. You can review your share each week and have the opportunity to further customize what comes in your delivery. As tastes and menus change throughout the season, you can continue to adjust your preferences. You can put up to three shares on hold that can be rescheduled for a later delivery. Pay in full or pay 25% at signup, 25% at first delivery and the remaining 50% is spread out over weekly payments deducted from your credit card on file. Join in January and get a gift certificate applied to your CSA membership account to purchase extra produce throughout the season. Gift certificate values: Small share; $22, Regular share: $30, Large share: $42 that can be used during the regular weeks of delivery.
Rootbound Farm Lexington, Frankfort, Crestwood and Louisville Late May to October (22 weeks) Small: $506 ($23/wk)

Full: $704 ($32/wk)

Jumbo: $880 ($40/wk)

broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, green onions, radishes, lettuce, Swiss chard, Napa cabbage, carrots All items are customizable every week. You can remove anything from your box. Some items may have a limit per shareholder, but typically there are not limits on individual items. Pause any time and choose another week to get a double box or donate your missed box. Pay in full or choose the payment plan. Payment plan is 25% due at signup; 25% due by June 1st; 25% due July 1st; 25% due August 1st.
Sustainable Harvest Farm
Berea, Corbin, Lexington, London, Richmond, Somerset and Knoxvlle, TN Mid-May to October (22 weeks) Small: $506 ($23/wk)

Large: $616 ($28/wk)

XL: $770 ($35/wk)

strawberries, lettuce, garlic, cherry tomatoes, kale, collards, summer squash, cucumbers, broccoli, radish Customize shares based on what you want. Select vegetable preferences at sign-up and further customize each week. You have the option to reschedule your share, change your delivery option and cancel or hold your share up to three times. You will receive amazing customer service and tech support. Pay in full or pay 25% down, 25% at first delivery, and the remaining 50% is spread out and auto-deducted from your credit card for the remaining 21 weeks.
University of Kentucky Organic Farming Unit
Waitlist available
Lexington May to October (22 weeks) Regular: $670 ($30.45/wk) lettuce, kale, rhubarb, yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, radish, green onions, Napa cabbage, herbs Members can use a "swap box" at the pickup location to trade items in that week's share. You may also have someone else pick up your share on your behalf. $200 deposit to secure your spot. You can pay all at once at signup or in installments. The remainder after the initial $200 deposit to be paid in two installments on June 1 and July 1. All accounts must be paid in full by July 1. A voucher does not count as $200 deposit.

*Vouchers from UK Health and Wellness are considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service.