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Fiscal year 2021-22

In recognition of the exceptional demands made of the UK HealthCare team this year and the increasing volatility of the labor market, we are implementing three compensation initiatives starting with the pay period that begins Oct. 10. These increases will impact pay distributed Oct. 29.
First, we have authorized a systemwide salary increase to UK HealthCare staff who meet the eligibility requirements and are not on probationary status. This increase is sometimes referred to as the “annual” increase, however, as you may have heard, we will soon begin to transition away from an across-the-board increase to a model that rewards staff based upon their level of contribution to meeting our performance goals. This fall, we will be rolling out training for managers so that you can begin preparing your team for the transition.
Second, we are taking this opportunity to move forward with the university’s commitment to a $15 per hour minimum wage. We will be adjusting the UK HealthCare salary scales to reflect the impact of implementing that new higher minimum rate.
And third, we are making a substantial investment in compensation for registered nurses, on top of market rate increases made in several clinical roles earlier this year. The market changes for the RN hiring Step scale and other initiatives implemented for RN compensation are intended to improve hiring and retention. 
Taken together, these increases ensure UK HealthCare remains the employer of choice in attracting the right mix of workers to help us meet our strategic objectives.
We need your help in communicating to your team about these increases. Please review the FAQs provided and be prepared to answer staff questions.
If you have not submitted the names of employees who would be excluded from the increase due to documented performance issues, please do so (see the FAQs).
If you are currently working on a hiring proposal, the FAQs provide important information you should review.
Staff receiving a salary increase will be notified by letter posted to their myUK portal by October 15. The letter will be found under the Employee Self Service tab. Look under “Benefits and Payment” for UK HealthCare Salary Letter. (letters will not be available before the October 15 date, so please do not try to access the letter early.)
Our work to ensure our compensation meets and leads in this market is ongoing. We continue to work on additional initiatives around roles that are in high demand. We expect to announce the results of more of this work around the first of the year.
We are fortunate to be in a position to offer these increases. We appreciate your leadership and the extraordinary work of our teams during these difficult times. Your work and that of your team is truly appreciated.

Frequently asked questions

The employee’s pay rate as of July 1 will serve as the base to which the increase is applied for salary allocation change.
For eligible staff who have undergone demotion or promotion between July 2 and Oct. 9,  their salary change will be based on their previous rate as of July 1 and added to their current base rate.
Additionally, due to revised scale, staff will be adjusted based on Oct. 9 rate compared to revised minimum impact.

If the candidate is not currently in a regular position, their current salary will not be impacted by the salary increase. However, their offer may be impacted depending upon how the equity grid may change following the salary allocation. Consult with Workforce Management to determine if there is a change.

Employees who transfer from the University scale to the UK HealthCare scale after July 1, 2021, may be eligible for a salary increase from UK HealthCare. Transfer employees must be clear of any documented performance issue in FY21.  Transferring staff will not be eligible for any future allocations planned from the university.  

Beginning in FY23, UK HealthCare is returning to a former method of allocating annual salary increases. As we enter the mid-year evaluation season for FY21 (from December 2020 - January 2021), managers will be asked to share an upcoming change in how salary increases will be administered beginning in FY23.

This will not impact salary allocation decisions in FY21 or FY22. Details of this change will be provided soon. 

Promotions, demotions, reclassifications and transfers override the salary increase. The salary increase is not added on top of the rate determined for a promotion, demotion, reclass or transfer. Department hiring officials should plan accordingly when agreeing to a rate during this timeframe.

If the hiring proposal is a lateral transfer, promotion or demotion, consider how the employee’s potential salary allocation rate may impact the offer being requested.

If it is in the interest of the department and the candidate, the manager may want to consider submitting the hiring proposal after the salary allocation. Workforce Management can help you evaluate your options.

If a hiring proposal is submitted to Workforce Management before September 27, it will be processed based on the equity grid in effect at that time. Offers will not be re-evaluated after the salary allocation and will stand as the official offer for the position once approved by HR. The salary increase will not be applied.

If a hiring proposal has been approved and the candidate has accepted the offer but is not scheduled to start until September 27 or later, the approved offer is the official rate upon start date and will not be re-evaluated based on the salary allocation.

It is UK’s philosophy to pay a fair, market-driven wage. The university brings new employees on and works to accelerate to the midpoint of the employee’s salary grade, which is market-driven. After reaching the midpoint, pace of increase slows. On a regular basis, the university reviews its salary grades as well as the grades assigned to positions to ensure compensation remains competitive.

Other benefits beyond salary make up the university’s total compensation. A summary of an employee’s total compensation from UK is available in UK Employee Self-Service, accessible through myUK.

Details are also available on the UK Human Resources website. When comparing UK compensation with other employers, staff are advised to look at total compensation.

  • Staff employed in a regular position on or before April 1, 2021 for systemwide salary increase*
  • Staff who were meeting expectations by completing their 2021 performance evaluation.
  • Staff who had no documented performance issues at the level of probation during FY21.
  •  All staff employed in a regular position whose rate of pay is below revised UKHC salary scale due to minimum $15/hour impact.

*Employees must be in “active regular assignment” in SAP through October 9, successfully completed orientation prior to July 1. (on call, temporary and phased retirement is excluded from annual salary allocation process)

Yes. The new department is responsible for obtaining the employee’s PE from prior department and will need to communicate score to Hannah Marcum in Workforce Management at