FY 2017-18


1) A pool of funds from the FY 2017-2018 UKHC General Fund has been approved for base salary increases effective October 15, 2017.  Dollars will be available for employees filling regular full-time, regular half-time and regular part-time positions (excluding temporary and on-call employees) that were current employees on April 1, 2017 and have been continuously employed in a regular position through October 14, 2017.  For changes to eligible staff (demotion or promotion) between July 1st and October 14th, allocations will be based on employees’ previous rate prior to July 1st and added to their current base rate as of October 14, 2017. 
2) Increases apply to all eligible regular status UKHC staff meeting expectations from criteria in 1).  Staff must have a Performance score of a 2.00 (meets expectations) or greater.  Eligible staff meeting expectations that have no documented performance issues at the level of probation during FY 2017, are eligible for allocations (Policy A09-125). Departments were notified earlier to submit all exclusions due to performance, to Workforce Management in the form of a list with appropriate UK ID # and reason for exclusion.  Send any additional employee exclusions not already submitted to Workforce Management via Hannah Magsam    
3) Only individuals on the payroll as of April 1, 2017 are eligible to receive an increase that will be directly tied to their performance evaluation or for Nurse Clinical staff movement to STEP.  All dollars associated with employees currently in a new hire orientation status are not authorized for allocations and will not be included in pool totals during the Department system allocation process.  If a person was hired new to the University by April 1, 2017, a salary increase can only be proposed and awarded if the employee was in an ‘active regular assignment’ in SAP on July 1, successfully completed orientation prior to July 1 and had a Performance Score completed by June 30.
4) Transfers between UK and UKHC salary scales by June 30, 2017.  Employees do not receive allocations from both the University July 2017 process and the UKHC October 2017 process.  Employee transfers from the University scale to the UKHC scale by 06/30/2017 are eligible for allocations from UKHC.  The new UKHC department will use the employee’s prior PE Score for system allocations.  Employee transfers from the UKHC scale to the University scale by 06/30/2017 should have received a 07/01/2017 University allocation so do not qualify for this 10/15/2017 adjustment. 
5) Current UKHC Salary Scale and Allocations.  There will be an adjustment to the current UKHC Salary Scale of 1%.  Staff whose current rate of pay is below the new scale minimum of their grade, will move to new minimum rate.  This movement is in addition to salary allocation and dollars do not come out of the department pool.  Allocations from the pool will automatically be distributed to qualifying staff for 2% based on rate of pay as of 06/30/2017 and added to current rate as of 10/14/2017.
6) Please take note that salary allocations are effective 10/15/2017.  You will need to be aware of any pending promotions or transfers impacting rate of pay.  Promotions effective as of 10/15/2017 and after, do not receive this proposed salary allocation in addition to the promotional rate. 
7) Electronic salary letter notification.  Staff receiving a salary allocation will be notified through a letter in myUK ESS (Employee Self Service) tab once allocations have been completed in the system.  ESS under Benefits and Payment, UK HealthCare Salary Letter.