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Many UK employees are working remotely during the University’s response to COVID-19. Supervisors, please be aware that rules for breaks, lunches and overtime from our state's wage and hour laws still apply, whether an employee works on-site or remotely.

These rules as outlined by Kentucky state law include:

  • Pay at time-and-one-half for any hours worked above 40 in one workweek.
  • 15-minute breaks for each four-hour period worked.
  • Meal breaks of 30 minutes for each workday over five hours long.
  • Complete relief from work duties during breaks and lunches.

If you have questions, please contact the compensation consultant in your area.

Compensation consultant Area Phone
Jennifer Bricking College of Medicine (campus and UK Healthcare) 859-218-5901
Whitney Goodrum All other campus areas 859-257-8759
Lauren Napier UK Healthcare (H departments) 859-257-8912

Find more information and frequently asked questions about wage and hour laws from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.