UK Dental Care members must receive services at a UK Dentistry clinic.  Members may elect to be seen by faculty, residents or dental students.  Dental services provided at non-UK Dentistry clinics are not covered under UK Dental Care. 

Basic Plan Features: 

  • Fully covers two oral exams, x-rays and cleanings per year 
  • Includes discounted fees on many services 
  • No annual deductible 

Comprehensive Plan Features: 

  • Includes all Basic Plan benefits 
  • Offers benefits for restorative, simple extractions and more 
  • Orthodontic coverage for children and adults  

Dental Plan ID Cards (all active employees)  

Depending on the dental plan you pick, an ID card may or may not be required: 

  • UK Dental plans do not require a plan ID card. 
  • Delta Dental plans do provide a new ID card for members who enroll for the first time. 


Coverage Level UK Dental Basic UK Dental Comprehensive
Employee only $11.10 $24.60
Employee + child(ren) $35 $50.30
Employee + spouse $22 $50.30
Employee + family $49.70 $80


Summary of benefits UK Dental Basic UK Dental Comprehensive
Choosing a dentist Faculty, residents or students at a UK Dentistry clinic
Annual deductible None None
Annual plan maximum $600 $1,200
Diagnostic & preventive: two exams and cleanings per year 100% 100%
Simple restorative (filling) Not covered 100%
Major restorative (crown/bridge) 20%/30%
Dentures (complete and partial, fixed & removable) 30%
Repairs (certain types) 50%
Endodontics (root canal) 30%
Periodontics (scaling & root planing, perio evaluation and surgical) 30%
Periodontics: two maintenance visits per year 100%
Simple extractions 100%
Oral surgery 30%
Anesthesia (certain types) 30%
Orthodontics (no age limit) 20% up to a $1,000 lifetime maximum
Emergency treatment (with UK Dentistry provider) 100%

Dental Plans

Dental Plans

2018-19 UK Dental
2018-19 Delta Dental

Dental Plans

Dental Plans
2018-19 UK Dental
2018-19 Delta Dental