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This is a great time to summarize and recap everything your team has done as a result of survey feedback. By showing how faculty and staff feedback was used to make positive changes, you are not only supporting continuous employee engagement, you can help increase your faculty and staff’s participation in the upcoming survey.

Here are some steps to consider when sharing about your action planning process:

1. recap your action item process

Recap your process for selecting areas and action items to focus on after the 2017 survey.

2. summarize your action items

What actions did you take? Why did you choose them? How did you seek additional feedback at key milestones?

3. review outcomes

Talk about the outcomes of those actions and the current status. Ask for additional feedback and insights on what went well and what could be improved for future.

September 9 - 27

The survey window was open for three weeks in September. It is now closed.

Results will be shared

The survey is now closed. Results will be shared in fall 2019.

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