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All UKHC Staff actions are initiated within UKHC Position Management.

  1. Log into the system and select  located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen 

  2. Next, complete the main screen by selecting the appropriate criteria. Please note, you will need to select one of the following request reasons in order for your data to integrate to Human Resources

    • Approval to Post

    • Approval to Reclass

    • Approval to Create & Post New Position

    • Change of Status

    • Update Existing JAQ Only (HR)

  3. Once you have completed the required details of the main form, click on  in order to complete the Position Description form

  4. Complete all information on the General Information section

  5. Click  at the bottom of the screen to add the Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) and Job Summary on the Major Job Responsibilities section

    * To add a MJR, click . This button will need to be selected for each MJR needed. You will need to list at least 3 MJRs in order to proceed.

  6. Click  to complete all information on the Position Qualifications section

  7. Click  to complete all information on the Position Requirements section

    * For the question “List the job title(s) of employees for which this job is the DIRECT Supervisor,” please click  to enter details for each type of position supervised.

  8. Click  once the IES form is complete

  9. Click ​ after both the main form and the IES form have been completed in order to submit your request to the next level of approval for submission to Human Resources

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