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How many students are enrolled at UK?

For the latest enrollment information, please visit UK Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics.

Where can I park?

Depending on what parking permit you purchase (if you choose to do so) and where you work, there could be several possibilities for parking. The best approach is to contact Parking Services for eligibility requirements and options for permits, or maps and directions to parking areas. If you have questions about parking permits, determining which lots are reserved for employees, or general questions, feel free to visit Parking Permits.

Is it true that employees can park in the "R" lots during the summer without paying for it?

Some student lots are not controlled for permits during the summer months. It is best to check with Parking after the spring semester ends to find out which lots are available. There is no cost to park in a student lot that is not controlled for permits. Employees, however, may not purchase a permit for part of the year in order to avoid paying for a permit during the summer months; employee permits for regular employees must be purchased on a one-year, year-round basis. (It is okay for an employee to park in the R or C lot during the summer with their E permit.)

How do I register for classes?

Employees must go through the same process of applying to UK and registering just like any other student. Your first stop may be at the Registrar's office to see how to begin the enrollment process. Once you have registered for your class(es) you will need to complete an EEP Form and return it to the Benefits office.

Do the classes that I take have to be related to my job?

Classes do not have to be job-related, but they must be taken for credit (classes may not be taken for audit, non-credit, continuing education, or community education courses). The Employee Education Program is available for classes taken for credit at the UK campus (including independent study classes), LCC, KCTCS institutions (including Community Colleges and Technical Colleges) or any other Kentucky public institution.

Can I get discounted tickets to athletic events?

Football/Men's Basketball: 


Can purchase 2 season tickets at 20% discount (Based upon availability)

Seats located in the K-Fund area will receive a 50% discount per seat on the contribution. This payment is in addition to the cost of the season ticket and is 80% tax deductible.

Women's Basketball:


Free Admission in General Admission Area for Faculty/Staff member and one guest with proof of Faculty/Staff I.D. (Based upon availability)

Must pay full price for reserved season tickets ($20 for year 2004-05 Season)


Soccer (Men's/Women's), Gymnastics, Baseball:


Free Admission in General Admission Area for Faculty/Staff member and one guest with proof of Faculty/Staff I.D. (Based upon availability)

*Free Admission or discounts do not apply to SEC Conference or NCAA Post Season sponsored events

Does UK offer childcare?



The University of Kentucky has partnered with KinderCare Learning Centers to bring quality early education to the UK campus. The U of K KinderCare offers care for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age at a discounted rate for UK employees and students. It is located at the corner of Woodland and Columbia and is open Monday through Friday from 6:30AM to 6:30 PM. The UK KinderCare is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). For more information please contact Brandy Southard at (859) 255-3444 or visit the website at

Early Childhood Laboratory


Located in Erikson Hall on UK campus, The Early Childhood Laboratory, is a licensed childcare center serving children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The ECL offers part day preschool for children ages 3 - 5 years, a full day infant and toddler program, and a partnership with Fayette County Public School's Early Start Program and Community Action Council's Head Start Program. The ECL is a community-based laboratory program, is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and has received a 4 Star Rating from the Stars for Kids Now Quality Rating System.

Programs for children run from late August until late May. Children from both the University and the greater Lexington community attend the school. Preference is not given to UK staff, students or faculty. The ECL decides enrollment based on the following criteria: sibling preference, gender, age, race/ethnicity, handicapping conditions (or special needs), and socio-economic factors. The ECL strives for each classroom to contain a diverse group of children. Enrollment is not based on first come, first served basis. For more information, please contact Charlotte Manno at 257-7732.

Which workout facilities can UK employees use?

HR Health and Wellness, a benefit for all employees, retirees and their spouses, provides two fitness centers, well equipped with a variety of free weights, nautilus-type equipment and cardiovascular machines. Both facilities are located within walking distance on campus. Learn more about our fitness centers.

A variety of aerobic, water and specialty classes are offered and taught in various locations on campus. Wellness fitness is only $7/month via payroll deduction - convenient and affordable! For more information visit Wellness.

UK employees are eligible to purchase memberships at the Johnson Center. Learn more about Johnson Center memberships.

When will I receive my first paycheck and how often will I get paid?

Receipt of your first paycheck in a timely manner depends upon the submission of proper forms by your department. You must supply information for completion of these forms, such as current address and number of dependents.

The majority of UK employees receive paychecks biweekly, every other Friday, for a total of twenty-six (26) paychecks per year. The end of a bi-weekly pay period is Friday for all units except the University Hospital, which ends its workweek on Saturday. Hours worked in each two-week period are recorded and forwarded for payroll processing for the appropriate alternate weeks. Paychecks are issued the following Fridays.

Many exempt employees are on a monthly payroll schedule and receive a total of twelve (12) paychecks annually. Monthly-paid employees receive paychecks on the last working day of each month. When the last day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the paycheck is issued on the preceding Friday.

Where/when do I get my UK Staff ID card?

All UK employees receive a staff ID card when they attend University New Employee Orientation. Depending on where you work, you may be required to have a picture ID badge that gives you access to your work location. Be sure to talk with your supervisor to determine if this applies to you.

Is enrollment in the retirement program mandatory?

The retirement program is mandatory, and a condition of employment, for regular full-time employees who are age 30 or over. Regular full-time employees who are under age 30 are eligible and highly encouraged to enroll.

When can I enroll in the UK retirement program?

Only regular full-time employees are eligible to participate in the mandatory UK retirement program. These employees may enroll in the plan immediately upon hire. Employees who are 30 years or older must enroll within their first 30 days, while employees under age 30 may enroll at any time. When an employee turns 30, he/she will have 30 days to enroll in the program.

Are there retirement plan options for employees who are not regular full-time?

Yes. Most employees may enroll in the supplemental/voluntary retirement plan. The money contributed to the voluntary plan is not matched by UK; however, employees will have the same investment options as in the mandatory retirement plan. Employees who participate in the mandatory plan may also be eligible to contribute additional money into a voluntary retirement plan.

How can I learn more about UK benefits?

To learn more about UK benefits visit the Benefits web page.