map of chandler and bosomworth
Enterprise Learning primarily uses the following 2 computer classrooms: 

  • H31H in the Enterprise Learning Center (in the basement of UK Hospital) 
  • HSRB Room 106 in the Peter P. Bosomworth Building (HSRB - Health Sciences Research Building)

To help maximize our students' training opportunities, please be sure to arrive for class 5-10 minutes prior to the designated start time.

H31 Enterprise Learning
Directions to Enterprise Learning, Room H31H
The Enterprise Learning Center is located on the ground floor of UK Hospital, Pavilion H, in room H31. In the hospital, take the Main elevators to the Ground Floor. 
Turn left on to the main hallway and turn right onto the first hallway. 
The Enterprise Learning Center is at the end of the hallway. Overhead signs from the elevators and main hallway should direct employees to the Center. 

Directions to Peter P. Bosomworth Health Services Research Building (HSRB), Room 106
From the UK Chandler Hospital (Pavilion H) Information Desk, follow the BLUE LINE on the floor and exit out of the back entrance into the courtyard. 
Go straight across the courtyard, through the College of Dentistry building. This will take you to a second courtyard behind the College of Dentistry. 
Walk straight across the courtyard into the Peter P. Bosomworth (HSRB) building. 
The training classroom, HSRB 106 is located on the first floor, the first room on the left.