Rooms within The Learning Center have been provided for the education and development of UKHealthCare staff. It is the intent of Enterprise Learning to make these available to staff as much as possible while maintaining the space and equipment in anesthetic and operating condition.

Users of the space are expected to follow all guidelines posted within the center related to security, equipment usage, room clean-up and food usage. It is also expected that anyone who has reserved a room for educational activities will cancel the reservation if the program is cancelled or moved to another area. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in denial of further requests for room usage.


  1. Call 257-9226 to request any room.
  2. Upon requesting a room, the requesting person will be asked to supply the following information
    • Name of person requesting
    • Name of department requesting
    • Phone number
    • Name and purpose of program
    • Dates requested Time requested Room requested (if there is a preference)
  3. If there is a need for instructors or students to access the center before or after normal business hours, the instructor must make arrangements to pick up the key to the center. It is possible for someone other than the instructor to pick up the key, but the instructor is the person who will be held accountable to the policy.
  4. All equipment that belongs to The Learning Center must be left within the classroom or other designated location within the center at the conclusion of the class/course. The projector must be turned off.
  5. If any of the equipment is not operating correctly, the personnel of the center should be notified or a note placed on the piece of equipment with an explanation of what is not working.
  6. Before leaving the center, all trash is to be placed into appropriate waste receptacles.
  7. The room should be arranged to its original configuration.

A look at our training facilities

Enterprise Learning's Learning Center has many different rooms that we use to provide training on many different subjects. In addition, when these rooms aren't being used by the department, they can be used by other departments. Whether you are coming to one of the rooms for training or looking to reserve a room for a future event,  please take some time to get acquainted with each room and the unique features they offer.

H31B, "The Large Classroom" 

H31B H31B, the largest of our classrooms, can hold up to 40 people at narrow classroom tables. 

This classroom is ideal for lectures, presentations that require video or computer data projection.  The tables can be arranged into groupings.  The room contains a computer connected to an overhead projector in addition to a stand alone DVD player.



H31H, "The Computer Training Room" 

H31H H31H, our dedicated computer training room, holds up to 12 people. 


This classroom has 12 computer workstations and 1 instructor computer workstation with overhead projection.  Standard software is installed on the computers.  If you would like any other software installed, contact Gulden Smith at  


H31F, "The Clinical Training Room"  

H31F H31F, the room most often used for clinical training, holds up to 16 people.


This classroom features tiled floor, hand washing facilities, compressed air.  The classroom also has a smartboard with overhead projection for small meetings and presentations.  The tables can be rearranged for other types of meetings.


H31A, "The Resource Room"

H31A, is most often used by employees to complete web based training or other projects. It holds 6 computers.  This room can also be used as a small computer training room.