3 Benefits for Your Financial Well-Being

Participate in any benefit by June 30 for extra perks:

  • A phone wallet 
  • Entry to win weekly drawings for an iPad and more great prizes from UK Dining, UK Bookstore and UK Transportation Services

Whether you’re ready to learn more about personal finance, talk more about it or save more – there's a benefit for you below.

Participate in any of these benefits between April 1 and June 30, 2019 to receive the extra perks.

Offers online tools for money decisions

Create your profile first by answering seven questions. Next, start your money personality to understand the "why" behind your money decisions and see personalized content.

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Free consults
With our Certified Financial Planner™

Talk to Todd Macaulay, CFP®, for expert guidance on personal finance.

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Save for retirement
At any age

Under 30? Our matching retirement savings offers a generous 200% employer match.
Over 30? There’s options for everyone including catch-up opportunities and high limits.

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Why Enrich?

Create your profile after seven quick questions, and then use the money personality tool to better understand the “why” behind your money decisions. This tool shows your type across five categories, plus your unique strengths and challenges.

Based on your money personality, Enrich helps you build a personalized plan to improve your money management skills. With recommended video tips, quick financial lessons and more, you’ll be ready to tackle life’s financial challenges in no time.

More about consults

Todd brings more than 19 years of experience in personal finance, including working for Fidelity Investments and John Hancock, to one-on-one appointments with UK employees.

Connect with Todd virtually or in person. Whether you need support with a specific situation, milestone or goal, you’ll gain the assurance you need to take greater control of your finances.

Matching retirement savings and more ways to save

Under 30? Start participating in UK's matching retirement savings at any time before it’s required at age 30 and consider it an early boost to your retirement savings. Saving money now – with decades to grow – can make a big difference on your standard of living in your retirement years.

Over 30 or not eligible for matching? With several additional plan options, you’ll choose whether to save on your taxes now (pre-tax) or later (post-tax) and the dollar amount you’ll contribute. Because we offer a voluntary 403(b) and 457(b), along with the option to do both, you can set aside as much as $38,000 this year. If you're closer to retirement age, our catch-up opportunity allows you to save up to $50,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a UK employee, you're eligible to participate in this promotion because you're eligible for at least one of these financial well-being benefits. All employees with a UK Linkblue username are eligible to create an Enrich account.

For these two benefits, your eligibility is based on your employee status:

To receive the phone wallet and entry into prize drawings, here's the details you need: 

Dates: Participate between April 1 and June 30, 2019

Participation options: Choose to participate in any one of these financial well-being benefits: 

  • At any age:
    • Schedule your consult with our certified financial planner by June 30 (it's OK if your appointment is after June 30)
    • Setup your Enrich profile, by answering the seven initial questions, and then complete the money personality questions
  • If you’re under 30, start your UK matching retirement savings early
  • If you’re over 30, start a UK voluntary retirement savings or increase your contributions

Employee benefits eligibility: All UK employees with a Linkblue ID are eligible for Enrich.

Your employee status determines your:

We’ll draw a new winner weekly on Mondays and be in touch by email. Drawings start on Monday, April 22 and run through Monday, July 1. Once you participate, your name stays in the drawing each week. Winners will be announced via University of Kentucky social media.