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New job, life milestones sharpened focus on financial goals

James Hutchins experienced many milestones around the time he joined the University of Kentucky as transportation manager.

“Within a year, I took a great job here, my wife and I bought a home, had our first child, and her student loans came due,” James said. “A lot of new financial impacts hit us pretty much right at once.”

James and his wife wanted to be sure they were on the right track. “We felt pretty good about everything, but I know experts can point out things we haven’t thought about,” James said. “I’m always interested in hearing what an expert has to say, even if it’s just ‘you’re doing a good job.’”

Together, they met with certified financial planner Todd Macaulay, CFP®, for a financial well-being consult. During their consult, they gained insight into what they were doing well and discovered opportunities to be more proactive thanks to Todd’s “helpful and non-judgmental approach.”

“We had always done OK by keeping up with finances mentally, but it was eye-opening to start breaking down our budget into a spreadsheet,” James said. “We saw where our money’s going and where we could set a goal to save more to financially secure our family’s future.”

Months after the consult, James reports they’re actively moving forward. “We started our son’s college fund and we’re preparing to start a second for our daughter on the way.”

With appreciation for Todd’s approach, James explained “we had talked about savings goals before, but now we’re working toward reaching them.”