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Requesting a HR Temporary Employment employee

Simply fill out the Temporary Employee Request Form. A Temporary Employment Specialist (TES) will contact you once the completed form has been received. 

Positions Filled

All types of jobs can be filled with HR Temporary Employment employees. We currently staff food service, housekeeping, office/clerical, medical, and other skilled workers. If we do not have a current candidate who meets your requirements we will advertise and interview for your specific needs. 

Pay Rate

A TES will determine the pay rate based on job duties and skills needed. Rates are comparable with Regular University of Kentucky positions of corresponding pay grades. If you have a particular pay rate in mind for a position, you can discuss that with your TES. Each department is billed an additional fee to cover an administrative fee and the 7.65% FICA (Social Security and Medicare) fee. You will receive an invoice each month reflecting the charges for your temporary employees. The administrative fee is monitored throughout the year and may be adjusted based on operating expenses.

Pre-selected Candidates

HR Temporary Employment employees who have been pre-selected by a department (also called Sign-ons) are required to report to HR Temporary Employment prior to beginning an assignment. An I-9 and all related payroll information must be processed before the first day of work to insure proper payment of hours worked. HR Temporary Employment cannot be held responsible for paying temporary employees who begin an assignment without completing paperwork. Please read the full details about Pre-selected Candidate Procedures if you are interested.

Pre-employment National Background Check (PNBC) and the Pre-employment Drug Screen (PDS)

All new HR Temporary Employment employees are required to complete one pre-employment screening, the PNBC, when initially hired. New HR Temporary Employment employees hired for positions in UK Chandler Hospital and/or Good Samaritan Hospital must also complete the PDS.

New HR Temporary Employment employees may start a position before the PNBC and/or PDS results have been received in Human Resources. New HR Temporary Employment employees are considered "contingent" hires based upon the successful completion of the PNBC and/or PDS.

Failure to successfully complete the PNBC may result in the removal of a temporary employee from your department. HR Temporary Employment follows strict guidelines when placing individuals in any position. The Temporary Employment Specialists (TES) follow the same hiring grid used for the placement of regular employees within the University. Should your HR Temporary Employment employee be removed, the TES will work with you to find a replacement as quickly as possible.

Failure to successfully complete the PDS will result in the immediate removal of a HR Temporary Employment employee from an assignment. A TES will work with you to provide another qualified temporary employee as soon as possible.