Submit an Ace Award Nomination to highlight the great service you received from a UK HR employee recently.

In the UK Human Resources department, we strive to provide exceptional service in the following ways:

  • Make every interaction with HR as pleasant as possible, even if the answer is one the customer does not like.
  • Look for ways to provide options for the customer so s/he feels like they have a choice for action.
  • Take personal responsibility for problem-solving and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Be proactive and look for solutions the customers did not identify.
  • Advocate for the customer when it is the right thing to do for the customer and UK
  • Provide additional follow-up as a courtesy to confirm resolution was reached with his/her issue (especially in cases where s/he was passed on to another UK employee or department).
  • Escort our customers to their physical location within your building, whenever possible.
  • Make efforts to learn about the expertise in other HR areas.
  • "Reach out" to other UK departments for information for our customers.
  • Demonstrate teamwork beyond the job by working beyond your normal job function, either within or outside your unit.
  • Collaborate within HR or with others within UK to arrive at best possible solutions.
  • Walk customers through first-time experiences so the "next time" will be more comfortable for them.
  • Take additional Customer Service training on an annual basis (offered through HR T&D, other areas on campus, or locally/regionally) to improve your skill set.
  • Take pride through action in your work and how you represent HR and the University of Kentucky!
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