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UK faculty and staff can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits that extend well beyond the insurance plans that are part of open enrollment. The University recognizes the need to support employees through each stage of life, from the time they begin working at UK, through major life events, through the development of their careers, continuing into their retirement.

Check out some of the many ways we can help support your health and well-being.

Remote work: Working off site can often be beneficial for both employees and their departments.

Flexible scheduling: Find out how a work schedule other than the standard 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift might help support work-life balance while still completing the necessary work. 

Reduced seasonal hours: For departments who find some parts of the year busier than others, reduced seasonal hours offer flexibility for employees and potential savings for departments. 

Paid leave and holidays: UK offers a generous schedule of paid holidays as well as paid vacation and sick leave.


Call a pharmacist: UK is a founding member of the Know Your Rx Coalition (KYRx), which has pharmacists on staff to help you find money-saving alternatives to your current medications and answer any prescription-related questions.  

MetLaw: A legal services benefit from MetLife, this plan allows employees to enroll and gain access to more than 14,000 experienced attorneys nationwide, and more than 200 in Kentucky. At a cost of $16.50 per month per employee, or $22.50 per month for a family, these experts can provide legal advice and representation on a wide variety of legal matters.

Retirement benefits: All employees age 30 and older are automatically enrolled in UK’s 403(b) retirement plan. Employees contribute 5 percent of their gross salary, and as of July 1, 2020, UK contributes an equal amount for a 100 percent match. Pending a financial recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to return to a 200 percent employer match on July 1, 2021.

Employee discount program: Dozens of businesses offer discounts to UK employees.

Employer-Assisted Housing Program: UK will provide up to $15,000 in forgivable loans toward the purchase of a home near UK’s campus.

Auto and home insurance: MetLife offers plans to UK employees at special rates.

Retirement guidance: UK’s retirement plan carriers, TIAA and Fidelity, offer resources to help you plan for retirement.

EatWell nutrition program: Offered by your UK HR Health and Wellness Dietitians, this free nutrition program invites you to define your own health goal. Supported by our experts' holistic approach, you'll receive truly personalized guidance where your unique needs and preferences come first. Weekly classes are held both on-campus and live online (on-demand available too).

Nutrition consults: Connect with dietitians on-campus, by phone or email to develop a nutrition plan based on your needs and preferences.

Naturally Slim weight loss program: This program is offered free through UK health insurance plans to covered employees and their covered spouses during a fall, spring and summer campaigns. Watch for more information about upcoming campaigns. The program entails 10 online video learning sessions and has an excellent track record of success to help you begin your journey to improved health.

Community Supported Agriculture voucher: A limited number of vouchers are available each year to provide up to $200 toward the purchase of a community supported agriculture share, which allows you to receive fresh produce from local farms throughout the growing season.

MoveWell employee membership: Go to one or both locations, Seaton Center or 1020 Export Street. At either location, you’ll enjoy a variety of options for your workout including cardio equipment, strength training circuits, and free weights. Plus, benefit from on-site staff expertise. In-person and online classes available too!

MoveWell Rewards: Participate in this step program and earn opportunities to win cash prizes every month! This activity is available year-round.

Physical activity challenges: Earn prizes by tracking your activity with a fitness wearable – and, along the way, exploring your own motivation to move.

Exercise consults: Interested in becoming more physically active, but need a few pointers on getting started in a way that works for you? We can help!


Counseling: Our Work+Life Connections counseling is a voluntary, confidential benefit that covers five sessions with our licensed therapists.

Well-being consults: Ready for a change but not quite sure what that looks like yet? Gain the clarity you need to create an inspiring path forward.

Health coaching: Discover how to build a foundation for being you, at your best. Increase your capacity for well-being through ongoing support from a health coach.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs: Practice ways to manage stress-related chronic conditions, relax your body, open your heart, prevent burnout and more. 

BeWell practice group: Gain an understanding of several research-based techniques and tools to help you thrive. Plus, develop a personal plan for putting these tips into practice. 

Tobacco cessation coaching: Quit tobacco for good with the help of personalized coaching (and free Nicotine Replacement Therapy) to re-connect you with your own inner resources for stress relief. 

myStrength: This digital app offers inspiration and hope with proven tools for mind, body and spirit. It is free and convenient for support at home and on-the-go. This new tool is available through Anthem.

LifeHealth online counseling: For only half the cost of a specialist copay (example: $15 if HMO or RHP member; $25 if PPO or EPO member), this service provides a cost-effective and convenient option for counseling through Anthem. Psychologists and therapists are available to help if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or need to talk to someone. Call 1-888-548-3432 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Elder care: We’re here to support you and help you save time as you navigate your way through issues involved in caring for an elderly loved one.

Big Blue Family Care: This is a network of current UK students who offer occasional caregiving (i.e. child care, pet care) to families of UK faculty and staff. Each student caregiver has passed a UK employee background check.

Little Cats guide: This is our guide to planning for a new child, from understanding family medical leave to finding child care, plus other checklists and to do’s.

Lactation support: UK has breastfeeding and lactation support guidelines in place to support mothers in the workplace.

Pet insurance: MetLife offers veterinary pet insurance, which covers preventive care and treatment of many medical problems.

Recover Call a pharmacist: UK is a founding member of the Know Your Rx Coalition (KYRx), which has pharmacists on staff to help you find money-saving alternatives to your current medications and answer any prescription-related questions.

Cancer and specified disease insurance: This plan is designed to help offset the indirect expenses associated with cancer or 29 other diseases that are covered.

Short-term disability insurance: This optional insurance is helpful while you build a bank of paid temporary disability leave (TDL) as an employee to cover you in the case of a short-term absence. The plan will pay benefits for up to six months while you cannot work due to illness, injury or pregnancy.

Long-term care insurance: This plan offers financial support for services that are not normally covered by health insurance or Medicare, such as nursing home care and assisted living support. 


Employee and Family Education Programs: UK employees and their families are eligible to have their tuition waived or discounted. 

Professional development: Available classes range from technology and software training to UK business procedures training, and from leadership academies to communication and problem-solving training.


Shared Leave Pool: Every year from May through September, staff generously donate their unused vacation hours to the shared leave pool. Instead of expiring, these paid leave hours are then awarded to fellow staff who have exhausted their own paid leave because of illness or injury. 

Cancer and specified disease insurance: This plan is designed to help offset the indirect expenses associated with cancer or 29 other diseases that are covered. 

Short-term disability insurance: This optional insurance is helpful while you build a bank of paid temporary disability leave (TDL) as an employee to cover you in the case of a short-term absence. The plan will pay benefits for up to six months while you cannot work due to illness, injury or pregnancy. 

Long-term care insurance: This plan offers financial support for services that are not normally covered by health insurance or Medicare, such as nursing home care and assisted living support. 

Organ donor paid leave: This new policy allows donors to receive 30 days of paid leave for an organ donation and five days of paid leave for bone marrow donation.