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How will the transition to the new IES affect me?

This is not just an upgrade, but an entirely new system with new workflows. Training will be necessary to understand the new system and gain your user access.

Because it is an entirely new system the only data that will be migrated will be position descriptions (a.k.a.. JAQs – Job Analysis Questionnaires). For example, this means that your job postings will need to be re-created in the new system.

  • The last day to create or update position descriptions in the current system will be Tuesday, June 3rd.  After this date all modification will occur in the new IES on or after Wednesday, June 18th. However, during those two weeks you will be able to continue to post and fill all job openings.

You will need to utilize two systems for a period of time to manage the hiring process for your department until the transition is complete.

What are the advantages of the new IES?

  1. Create a one-stop shop for all staffing needs.UK Jobs will now be the system that you go to in order to start the hiring and selection process for staff, faculty, students as well as STEPS employees. Also you will only need ONE user account which will be synced with your computer login and password. This access will automatically allow you to view your own position description as well as provide the access you need to complete the hiring and selection work according to the role that you take on for your department.

  2. Tie Classification and Posting processes together for staff positions. In contrast to the current system, under IES departments will be required to submit only one form that will include both the position description and the information for the job posting.  This will allow Compensation to classify the position and seamlessly pass it on to Employment for posting.  Although departments will need to provide more information upfront, this will result in a smoother process for everyone involved.  Please note that UK HealthCare will take advantage of this process using the Position Management system.

  3. Adds functionality (i.e.. search functions, spell check, enhanced applicant experience, etc.). The new system allows departments the ability to run reports and export into excel, provides search functions to help screen applicants, and enhances the applicant experience through the ability to bookmark jobs, email job postings to a friend, and much more.

  4. Institutes a paperless system (i.e.. salary recommendation, uploading classification documents).We will have a new online salary recommendation form which the supervisor, budget officer and/or UK HealthCare payroll can use to electronically approve hiring proposals. A department will also have the ability to send supporting documents to HR by uploading them directly into the system (i.e.. organizational structures, justification letters).

When will the new IES go live?

The new system will go live June 18, 2014

Who will be using the new IES?

There are 8 user roles within the system. All staff employees will automatically receive an employee role. Based on your additional responsibilities within your department you will gain access to the system in a variety of ways. To learn more about all of the user roles, please click here.

What training will I need and when will it be available?