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If you are involved with STEPS hiring, please complete required online training to gain access to the new IES.

Use the following 4 steps to partner with your STEPS team to find a temporary staffing solution for your department. The IES user role is Search Coordinator.

View the entire process as a PDF Quick Guide »

For 35 years STEPS has served as the University’s in house temporary staffing agency. STEPS has successfully collaborated with departments on a variety of staffing needs. Some examples include: staffing coverage while regular full-time employees are out on extended leaves, extra staffing support during peak volume periods, short term office/clinical coverage, etc.

Use the steps below to navigate the STEPS Hiring process.

  1. Log into the system and select Search Coordinator role (on the Applicant Tracking side of the system)

  2. Select “STEPS” category listed under the Postings menu/tab

  3. Select "Create New Posting" in the upper right-hand corner. You will be given two options:

    1. Create from Position Type – will be a brand new blank posting request

    2. Create from Posting – will allow you to create from previous posting request

  4. Enter the Job Title once you have selected one of the above options (i.e. STEPS Temporary Employment: Office Assistant)

  5. Select "Create New Posting" in the lower or upper right-hand corner

  6. Complete all information on the Posting Details section

  7. Click "Next" to attach applicable documents in the Posting Documents section

  8. Click "Next" to review Summary to ensure necessary posting information is included

  9. Select "Take Action On Posting" and click “STEPS (move to STEPS)” to officially submit your posting request

  10. Enter applicable comments and select "Submit" on the Take Action dialogue box

  11. A green heading will appear if your posting was successfully submitted.

  12. A STEPS team member will contact you to discuss your posting request

View this page as a PDF Quick Guide »

The STEPS team can be very flexible in assisting your department with your temporary staffing needs. We have put in place an extensive selection process that includes: phone interviews, in-person interviews, and reference checks as well as reviewing rehire eligibility and past work performance of previous UK employees seeking reemployment.

We look forward to working with you to solve your temporary staffing needs.

In order to be successful on the job, your STEPS employee will need to complete the appropriate trainings. All STEPS new hires will need to complete the STEPS Online Orientation. This orientation will provide necessary details including, but not limited to: a job description, information on parking on campus, where to eat on campus, where to report on day one, and dress code requirements (if applicable). Orientation is usually completed as part of the new hire process.

Other training requirements include:

  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

  • HIPAA (UK HealthCare only)

  • Corporate Compliance (UK HealthCare only)

All trainings are web based through SAP and are listed as required in the Employee Self-Service tab. These classes are the same classes required by regular university employees. For complete instructions on accessing and completing web based trainings, please click here »

All STEPS employees are paid on the University’s bi-weekly payroll cycle. Timesheets are due to the STEPS payroll office on the last Thursday of the pay period.

A STEPS Timesheet will be provided to you which will include employee name, department name, and placement number. This information is needed on each time sheet submitted in order to process the timesheet correctly.

  • Both you and the STEPS employee will need to sign the timesheet. Timesheets cannot be processed without a supervisor’s signature verifying hours worked.

  • Unless handled by the department it is the STEPS employees responsibility to submit a copy of his/her signed timesheet reporting all hours worked to the STEPS Office by one of the following methods:

It is best practice for the STEPS employee to call STEPS at 859-257-9518 to confirm receipt of timesheet.

Following the pay period, the STEPS Payroll Team will post billing for STEPS payroll and invoice your department. The invoice is normally sent to the business officer or person responsible for the department accounts. The department can also check their account(s) in SAP and see the posting for the recharge(s) for their STEPS employee(s).

For questions regarding payroll or billing, please call, Kathy Chinn (859) 257-9502 or