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The new UK Jobs Online System is full of great new features, which means you can do even more in the system than before. Read below to find out what your particular user role is capable of doing in the new system. Don't forget to refer to our quick guides for easy reference on how to accomplish these new tasks!

Budget Officer - Gatekeeper of the system. Create/view/edit position descriptions, view/edit position descriptions, view applications, and view/edit hiring proposals.  Similar to the old systems Hiring Official with Submit

Search Coordinator - Create/View/Edit Postings; View Applicants; Applicant Workflow Ownership; no view Hiring Proposals (Applicant/Blue side of the system)

Position Coordinator - Can create/view/edit position descriptions, and view/edit hiring proposals

Supervisor - Can create/view/edit position descriptions, view positions, and view/edit hiring proposals

UKHC Workforce Management - Can view/approve position descriptions, view positions, view applicants, and view/edit hiring proposals

Dean/Director - Can view/approve position descriptions, view applicants, and view/approve hiring proposals

EVP/Provost - Can view/edit position descriptions, view postings, view applicants,  and view/edit hiring proposals

Employee - Can only view own position